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Vintage Toyota Celica in Kerala Commands ‘JDM Premium’: Owner Seeks Rich Enthusiast, Not Bargain Hunters

Changanacheri – A 1996 Toyota Celica, owned by a devoted second owner in Changanacheri, Kerala, is currently on the market for an eye-watering INR 14 lakh. This price tag is attributed to the so-called ‘JDM tax,’ a premium often placed on Japanese Domestic Market vehicles revered for their uniqueness and sought-after specifications outside of Japan.

The vehicle in question is a pristine example of the sixth generation (T200) model, which rolled out of Toyota’s production lines starting in 1994, sporting a design that was quickly dubbed “Supra-esque” by automotive publications. This resemblance to its more famous sibling, the Toyota Supra, along with its coupe or liftback options, has made the Celica a coveted piece among collectors and enthusiasts, especially those with a penchant for JDM culture.

Under the hood, the Celica boasts a robust 4A-GE petrol engine, renowned for its reliability and performance. With a mere 59,000 km on the odometer and equipped with an automatic transmission, the car is described by its current owner as “very original” and “in stock condition,” having been meticulously maintained over the years.

The seller, who is preparing to move out of the country, expressed a strong preference for passing on this automotive gem to a genuine enthusiast rather than dealing with dealers or brokers. “Selling my Celica as I am moving out of the country. This is a very original JDM Celica that is in stock condition. Very well maintained over the years by the previous owner and myself. It has the 2 Litre 3SFE Engine with a 4-speed automatic. Ultra reliable and with all the regular preventive maintenance done already, it is still very young at 59,000 km’s. The 6th gen Celica with the supra’esque silhouette grabs attention everywhere. Price is not much negotiable,” the seller stated, emphasizing the car’s distinct appeal and its readiness for more adventures on the road.

The humorously high asking price sparked light-hearted comments among the local automotive community, with one user, parth._.chhabra, joking, “Oh my car is worth INR 1 lakh, NVM I can call it JDM now I’ll sell it in double digits hahaha,” highlighting the sometimes whimsical nature of the JDM market’s pricing.

The 1996 Toyota Celica stands as a testament to the era when Toyota was at the pinnacle of coupling sporty design with reliability. With its notable history, distinct “Supra-esque” styling, and the JDM allure, this Celica is not just a car but a piece of automotive history waiting for its next caretaker in Changanacheri.

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