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Rare ’94 Austin Montego Seeks Adventurous Owner

In a remarkable discovery for classic car enthusiasts, a vintage 1994 Austin Montego sedan has surfaced for sale in Nashik, priced enticingly at INR 1.95 lakh. This blast from the past, equipped with a robust 2 litre, Inline-4 cylinder, Rover MDI diesel engine, is not just a relic but a running testament to British engineering.

The car, a symbol of the bygone era of British Leyland’s dominance, is in a condition that begs for a loving restoration. Despite its age, the Montego boasts a fully functional original sunroof, power windows, and power steering, making it a rare find for collectors and hobbyists alike. However, prospective buyers be warned: the quest for spare parts might turn into a treasure hunt, as they’re as rare as the car itself.

The Austin Montego, with its historical significance, was the last car to be launched under the Austin marque. Post-1988, it bravely soldiered on without a marque, following the phasing out of the Austin name. It replaced the rear-wheel drive Morris Ital and the front-wheel drive Austin Ambassador, aiming to compete with the likes of Ford Sierra and Vauxhall Cavalier.

This particular Montego not only offers a glimpse into automotive history but also presents a unique opportunity for a drift build project. It’s a call to all car enthusiasts who dream of drifting in a classic: this might just be your chance to own a piece of history and give it a thrilling new life. So, who’s ready to take this old-timer for a spin and possibly a slide?

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