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Pagani Automobili opens new US Headquarters in Florida

  • Pagani Automobili officially inaugurated its new American  Headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, with an exclusive ceremony on December 7th.
  • The site inauguration marks a significant step in the development plan of the automotive manufacturer, consolidating its steady growth in the American market.
  • The new venue is not merely an exhibition space, but a true portal that ushers Pagani excellence into the heart of the United States.

San Cesario sul Panaro, December 11th, 2023 – Pagani Automobili is delighted to announce the official opening of its new American Headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida. The opening ceremony, held on December 7th, sparked admiration, and pride among the brand’s American admirers.

Attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Horacio and Christopher Pagani, Michael Staskin, CEO of Pagani America, Michele Mistò, General Consul for Italy in Miami, and Vince Lago, Coral Gables’ Mayor. The celebration marks a significant step in Pagani Automobili’s development plan to consolidate its steady growth in the American market, as well as a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to dive into the exclusive and refined universe of Pagani creations.

On the occasion, Horacio Pagani stated: «This is a special day for our family. We have been working in the Americas for a decade now, and it was time for them to have their own home. The most important things we have at Pagani are not the cars, but the people who believe in what we do, who live these moments with us. This is what gives us the energy to keep working with so much passion and love.»

The new American headquarters is not just an exhibition space, but an authentic hub that embodies the distinctive essence of the brand. The office and showroom interiors, designed and manufactured by Pagani Arte, are harmoniously integrated in a context of advanced technology, offering guests an unparalleled personalized experience. Over the course of the ceremony, 20 prestigious cars took center stage. These included the Huayra Tricolore and the Zonda Tricolore for the first time together in the US and two of the five Zonda Cinque coupés in the world. The exhibition also featured the only Huayra Codalunga in the Americas, together with the rarely seen one-off Huayra NC and Zonda MD. A variety of cars will be on display in the new showroom: the Huayra Coupé will gradually leave the spotlight to other fascinating models, thus ensuring continuous refreshment and inspiration not only for loyal customers, but also and, above all, for those who intensely love engines, art and beauty.

Within the head office, an integrated shop has also been designed specifically to meet the multiple expectations of an extremely varied audience. This elegant area presents itself as a compelling portal, designed to offer a complete immersion in Pagani’s unmistakable beauty. Its collections of apparel, scale models, fine leather goods and accessories are carefully displayed, providing tangible evidence of the brand’s distinctive philosophy. The assortment of products offered within this extraordinary shop represents an unmissable opportunity for both fans of the brand and those who appreciate the fusion of passion and cutting-edge details. Each item on display is not just a simple product, but a tangible representation of the craftsmanship, dedication and innovation that define the Pagani universe.

In the new headquarters, the art of elegance and innovation come together in a compelling bond, creating an environment that goes beyond the mere display of extraordinary cars. This venue acts as an outward gateway that not only welcomes, but warmly invites the extended Pagani family to dive deep into the vibrant soul of the San Cesario Atelier, bringing the brand’s excellence to the US — said Michael Staskin, CEO of Pagani America — This move is not only an enlargement of our family, but a decisive affirmation of our dedication to spreading the fundamental principles that define Casa Pagani in an overwhelming way. The importance of the American market cannot be emphasized enough, as our customers here play a crucial role in shaping and nurturing our innovative spirit. Every vehicle that crosses the threshold of this facility represents not only a machine of extraordinary engineering, but also a bridge between continents, a tangible symbol of the special connection between Italian craftsmanship and the enthusiasm of our American customers.»

Therefore, the grand opening in Coral Gables is a significant step, further cementing the deep connection with the American enthusiast community and underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary vehicles that channel quintessential craftsmanship and engineering excellence. This new milestone in Pagani Automobili’s history reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to exceed its own standards and deliver an unparalleled automotive experience, fueled by a dedication to quality in every detail and the continuous pursuit of innovation.

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