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LG Display Revolutionizes Automotive Display Technology at CES 2024 with World’s Largest In-Car Screen

January 9, 2024, SEOUL, Korea – At CES 2024, LG Display, a global leader in display technology innovation, revealed its groundbreaking series of ultra-large automotive display solutions, including the world’s largest in-car display, marking a significant leap forward in future mobility advancements.

At LVCC’s West Hall, LG Display showcased its pioneering ’57-inch Pillar-to-Pillar (P2P) LCD’ and the world’s largest slidable panel, the ’32-inch Slidable OLED’. These innovations are part of LG Display’s showcase of three concept cars, designed to illustrate the evolution of Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) through stages named Shift, Evolution, and Beyond.

The ’57-inch Pillar-to-Pillar LCD’ spans the entire dashboard from the driver to the passenger side, boasting high-definition quality, durability, and an innovative design. This display, a recipient of the ‘CES® 2024 Innovation Award’, enhances the in-car experience with its size, clarity, and responsiveness, incorporating LG Display’s ‘In-Cell Touch’ technology. It operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, a testament to its endurance.

The ’32-inch Slidable OLED’, another world-first, offers a unique QHD resolution experience. It is discreetly housed in the ceiling, emerging as a large screen when needed. This panel’s slim design allows for optimal space efficiency in cars, enhancing entertainment and productivity with high-sensitivity touch features.

Additionally, LG Display introduced other innovative displays, such as the ‘Ultra-large P-OLED P2P’ and the ’48-inch LTPS LCD’, further cementing its status as a leader in the automotive display sector. These displays utilize advanced technologies like P-OLED, ATO (Advanced Thin OLED), and LTPS LCD, offering flexibility, strength, and high performance in automotive environments.

A significant feature of LG Display’s automotive OLEDs is the Tandem OLED technology, which enhances brightness, stability, and lifespan. Following the success of its second-generation Tandem OLED, LG Display has commenced development on a third-generation model, promising even greater brightness and efficiency.

LG Display’s rapid growth in the automotive display market is evident. Within four years, it has secured partnerships with ten premium global automakers, thanks to its technological excellence and stable production capabilities.

To meet the rising demand for large automotive displays, LG Display is establishing a dual-track production system and plans to commence mass production at its Paju plant post-2025. This expansion complements its existing Gumi plant operations, and the company recently acquired the IATF16949 international quality standard certification, a critical step in this growth.

Byeong-koo Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Auto Business Group at LG Display, emphasized the company’s commitment to creating the world’s leading automotive display business, leveraging its customer base, technology, quality, and dedicated production.

At CES 2024, LG Display has also organized its exhibit to reflect the developmental stages of SDVs: Shift, Evolution, and Beyond. Each zone showcases LG Display’s cutting-edge solutions catering to the expanding role of automotive displays in enhancing passenger experience, from entertainment to vehicle control integration.

These innovations by LG Display at CES 2024 not only demonstrate the company’s leadership in display technology but also signal a transformative shift in how we perceive and interact with automotive interiors, paving the way for a new era in vehicle design and user experience.

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