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BMW Group to build its training centre in Munich, completion by 2025

MUNICH – BMW Group is set to revolutionize its training and educational facilities with the establishment of a modern Talent Campus in Munich. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2025, this facility will be located in the northeast of BMW’s home plant, replacing the former carpark on Riesenfeldstraße. The campus is designed to be a hub of learning for approximately 40,000 Munich-based BMW employees, including 900 trainees.

This initiative is part of BMW Group’s commitment to its workforce’s transformation, focusing on electric, digital, and circular aspects of the automotive industry. Ilka Horstmeier, Board Member for People and Real Estate at BMW AG, highlighted the Talent Campus as a vital investment in flexible and need-based education, aligning with the company’s future-oriented global training campaign.

The Talent Campus will feature state-of-the-art training spaces, workshops, a staff restaurant, and a public café, blending seamlessly with new green spaces to integrate production into the neighborhood. Peter Weber, Director at BMW Group Plant Munich, emphasized the importance of this facility in preparing employees for the production of the Neue Klasse and its vital role in the success of BMW’s main plant.

Martin Kimmich, Chairman of the General Works Council at BMW AG, expressed satisfaction that the long-envisioned project is finally materializing, stressing the importance of such investments in training and education for the company’s future viability amid a skilled worker shortage.

The campus will boast a timber structure, with wood visibly incorporated into the façade, creating a warm interior and natural exterior. Large windows will ensure daylight-filled spaces conducive to learning. Its design allows for flexible and adaptable use, ensuring the building’s longevity by accommodating evolving needs without extensive reconstruction. The facility will be fully accessible, eliminating barriers for all users.

Combining advanced technology, a high-tech learning environment, and natural materials, the Talent Campus will provide ideal conditions for developing skills crucial to the future automotive industry. The campus will not only cater to BMW Group trainees and employees but also plans to offer selected spaces for public training courses, further extending its educational impact.

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