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Hyundai Motor India Foundation Revitalizes India’s Cultural and Tribal Heritage

Gurugram, May 6, 2024 – The Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) is making significant strides in its mission to support and uplift tribal communities while preserving India’s diverse cultural heritage. Through a series of impactful initiatives, HMIF is enhancing the socio-economic conditions of tribal families and safeguarding endangered cultural practices across the nation.

HMIF’s recent projects focus on the social inclusion and economic development of tribal groups such as the Irula Tribe in Irungattukottai, Tamil Nadu, and the Chenchu Tribe in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. A total of 165 tribal families are now guardians of HMIF’s afforestation projects, which have transformed barren lands into vibrant ecosystems, simultaneously providing these families with sustainable livelihoods.

In addition to ecological efforts, HMIF is deeply invested in the conservation of unique cultural art forms that are at risk of disappearing. Initiatives include the revival of Kattaikkuttu Sangam Theatre in Tamil Nadu, the preservation of Sohrai Wall Art in West Bengal, the promotion of Ottam Thullal Dance in Kerala, and the support of Kawandi making by Siddi women in Karnataka. These programs not only preserve important cultural expressions but also offer new economic opportunities to the local artists involved.

Puneet Anand, AVP & Vertical Head – Corporate Affairs at Hyundai Motor India Limited, expressed his enthusiasm about the projects, stating, “Our initiatives are designed to empower tribal communities and safeguard India’s cultural heritage. By involving local tribes as custodians of the land and protectors of their own traditions, we are fostering an environment where cultural and ecological sustainability can thrive. This approach aligns with Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’ and demonstrates our commitment to responsible corporate practices.”

HMIF’s efforts are multifaceted, impacting various aspects of tribal and cultural development:

  • Chenchu Tribe Empowerment: In Kurnool, HMIF has empowered over 150 families through enhanced farming techniques and sustainable land management over 250 acres, helping preserve the region’s biodiversity.
  • Irula Tribe Development: Near Chennai, HMIF’s greening initiative has turned 12.16 acres of barren land into a flourishing forest maintained by 15 local Irula families, enhancing both their economic welfare and environmental stewardship.

The foundation has also been instrumental in providing platforms for endangered art forms to gain national recognition, such as the nationwide promotion of Ottam Thullal, an expressive dance form from Kerala known for its humorous take on societal issues.

Through these dedicated efforts, HMIF is not only contributing to the environmental and economic well-being of tribal communities but is also ensuring that India’s rich cultural tapestry is celebrated and sustained for future generations.

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