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Aston Martin Unleashes the Valiant: A Limited-Edition Marvel of Track and Road Mastery

26 June 2024, Gaydon, UK – Aston Martin has unveiled the Valiant, an ultra-exclusive, track-focused, road-legal marvel developed by the in-house bespoke division, Q by Aston Martin. This special edition, limited to only 38 units, originates from a personal commission by Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team driver Fernando Alonso, embodying the pinnacle of driving passion and precision.

The Valiant, powered by a formidable 745PS 5.2-litre Twin-Turbo V12 engine paired with a bespoke 6-speed manual transmission, stands as a testament to Aston Martin’s dedication to creating pure driver’s cars. Its bespoke chassis features Multimatic ASV dampers and recalibrated electronics, enhancing its track capabilities.

The Valiant’s design reimagines the iconic ‘Muncher’ Le Mans racer, featuring all-carbon fiber bodywork that reduces weight and increases downforce. Its lightweight interior enhances driver connection and focus, further augmented by the use of magnesium, titanium, and advanced 3D printing for key components.

Fernando Alonso expressed his excitement, stating, “Valiant is born from my passion for driving at the limit. Working closely with the Q by Aston Martin team, we’ve created a masterpiece that offers a thrilling drive on-road and excels on the track.”

The Valiant’s aggressive styling and engineering are designed for maximum performance. Its exterior includes a deep front splitter, full-width carbon fiber grille, and scalloped side fenders. The 21” magnesium wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, and motorsport-spec lithium-ion battery all contribute to its lightweight, high-performance character.

Simon Newton, Aston Martin’s Director of Vehicle Performance, highlighted the Valiant’s increased track capability and usability on the road. “We’ve moved the dial in every key area to extract greater performance and deliver more excitement,” Newton said.

Inside, the Valiant features a race-bred cockpit with exposed carbon fiber, bespoke Recaro Podium seats, and a new steering wheel designed for intuitive feel. The gear linkage is exposed through a cutaway in the transmission tunnel, emphasizing the car’s mechanical nature.

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, described the Valiant as an extrovert, expressing its character through dramatic, muscular form and functional details. “It takes clear inspiration from motorsport, with aero disc wheel covers and a quartet of large-diameter titanium exhaust pipes celebrating the soundtrack of Aston Martin’s magnificent V12.”

The Valiant will debut at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 11-14, with dynamic demonstrations on the famous Hill Climb course. The first deliveries are set to commence in Q4 2024, making this an eagerly anticipated addition to Aston Martin’s lineage of high-performance, highly collectible special edition models.

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