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RNAIPL Accelerates Environmental Efforts: Announces Rejuvenation of Five Additional Waterbodies

Chennai, June 5, 2024 – In celebration of World Environment Day, Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited (RNAIPL) has announced its ambitious plan to rejuvenate five more waterbodies in the Oragadam region of Chennai. This initiative is a continuation of RNAIPL’s commitment to environmental conservation, following the successful restoration of nine out of ten lakes in 2023.

RNAIPL’s latest project focuses on the villages of Ezhichur, Kaduvanchery, Vanchuvanchery, and Nariyampakkam. The company aims to complete these rejuvenation efforts within the fiscal year 2024. The restoration will involve comprehensive measures to improve water retention, enhance local biodiversity, and provide communities with reliable access to fresh water.

Keerthi Prakash, Managing Director of RNAIPL, emphasized the importance of these efforts: “Water management is a core focus of our operations. By revitalizing these water bodies, we aim to boost biodiversity and support local communities, ensuring their access to natural resources. Collective action through such initiatives creates a lasting positive impact on ecosystems and the lives of those around us.”

Last year’s project saw RNAIPL undertake the rejuvenation of ten lakes in the Oragadam and Kanchipuram areas, with nine already successfully restored and handed over to local authorities. The work on the final lake in Oragadam is ongoing and is expected to conclude this year. RNAIPL also plans to enhance the Oragadam lake area with beautification projects, including the installation of park benches, to provide a peaceful community space.

Overall, RNAIPL’s environmental initiatives have significantly improved water storage capacities, adding over 170 million liters of water across the region’s various water bodies. These efforts reflect RNAIPL’s broader commitment to sustainable practices, including rainwater harvesting and zero-discharge policies.

In recognition of its outstanding water management initiatives, RNAIPL recently received the Gold Award for Water Management at the 16th Confederation of Indian Industry-Southern Region Environment, Health, and Safety (CII-SR EHS) Excellence Awards, underscoring the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

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