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Ford Flips the Script on Trailer Towing: Ranger and Everest Get Super Easy ‘Back-Up’ Tech!

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – January 18, 2024: Say goodbye to trailer-towing tantrums! Ford Australia is rolling out a game-changer for its Ranger and Everest models, aiming to make 2024 the year where hitching up and reversing becomes a breeze for Aussie families.

Welcome the Pro Trailer Backup Assist – Ford’s latest brainchild, making its grand debut on the Ranger and Everest. This nifty feature is like a magic wand for trailer reversing, simplifying the often headache-inducing process. Originally showcased in the F-150 in 2023, it’s now bringing its wizardry Down Under.

Zack McIntyre, the whiz behind Ford’s advanced driver assist systems, explains, “Think of it as a dance where you lead, and the trailer follows – effortlessly.” This feature allows drivers to ‘steer’ their trailers into perfect spots, be it a tricky boat ramp or a cozy camping nook.

This ‘backup’ buddy will be a standard gem on the Ranger Wildtrak, Platinum, and Raptor, and an optional extra on the 4X4 XLT and Sport models. Everest enthusiasts can find it in the Touring Pack for 4WD Trend and Sport versions, replacing some older features to keep things fresh and functional.

But Ford isn’t stopping there. They’ve loaded these models with towing-friendly tech like a hitch-view camera, trailer light check, and safety-focused features like blind-spot monitoring with trailer coverage. The coolest bit? Drivers can steer their trailers using a dial on the console – no more wrestling with the steering wheel!

Ford’s also beefing up its Ranger XL with standard heavy-duty suspension for the load-loving crowd, while the Ranger XLS gets a tech and towing pack upgrade, including all sorts of gadgets and comfort features.

And for those who love a bit of versatility, the Flexible Rack System, which first dazzled on the Ranger Platinum and Wildtrak X, is now an option on the Ranger Sport and Wildtrak models too.

In a move that mirrors Aussie buyers’ preferences, Ford is tweaking its lineup. Features once optional are now standard, like Zone Lighting and Black Stand-Off Roof Rails on the Everest Trend and Sport. Meanwhile, certain Ranger and Everest variants are bidding farewell to streamline choices.

Get ready for the roll-out of these tech-tastic Rangers and Everests, with production kicking off in March 2024. Ford’s message is clear: Towing troubles are a thing of the past!

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