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Hyundai Unleashes Inner Warriors with Viking-Inspired Santa Fe Ad Blitz During Football Frenzy

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 26, 2024 – In an adventurous twist, Hyundai revs up its marketing engine with a Viking-themed campaign for the all-new 2024 Santa Fe, set to debut during the eagerly awaited professional football conference championship games on Jan. 28. The campaign, aptly named “Vikings,” is a battle cry for viewers to seize their weekends with the vigor of ancient warriors in the latest Santa Fe model.

The campaign’s launch promises to transform mundane drives into epic quests, with the Santa Fe leading the charge. Hyundai’s vision is to elevate everyday drives into thrilling adventures, awakening the Viking spirit within and promoting joy in discovering new terrains. This exciting message will be broadcasted on national TV and further amplified through Hyundai’s social media channels.

Angela Zepeda, Hyundai Motor America’s chief marketing officer, shared her enthusiasm, “The all-new Santa Fe isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a journey enhancer, perfect for both weekday chores and weekend escapades. We’re injecting fun into our ads with a Viking family narrative, aiming to captivate our audience during the highly anticipated football championship weekend.”

Hyundai’s new Santa Fe boasts cutting-edge technology and rugged features like HTRAC all-wheel drive and all-terrain tires. The “Vikings” campaign brings this to life, highlighting the vehicle’s design amidst stunning landscapes and challenging terrains.

Jason Sperling, chief creative officer at Innocean USA, elaborated on the campaign’s essence, “Our daily grind can overshadow life’s joys. This campaign is a reminder that with the right car, like the new Santa Fe, every journey can be an adventure, whether it’s a trip to the supermarket or a family road trip.”

Adding to the campaign’s allure is the iconic Heart track, “Barracuda,” providing a heroic backdrop to the Santa Fe’s showcase. The 60-second ad debuting during the championship games marks the first national exposure for the 2024 model, first revealed at the LA Auto Show in November 2023. Following this, shorter variations of the ad will feature across various sports events and media platforms throughout the year, highlighting Santa Fe’s new features like the HTRAC all-wheel drive and best-in-class rear cargo space.

In addition to the traditional model, Hyundai will also introduce their Hybrid and XRT variants of the Santa Fe in April. The Hybrid model combines power and fuel efficiency, while the XRT offers enhanced off-roading capabilities with larger tires and a raised suspension.

The campaign’s creative direction comes from the Oscar-nominated duo Will Speck and Josh Gordon, with Nicolas Gordon directing the social media segment. Production was handled by the acclaimed Furlined company.

The innovative marketing strategy was orchestrated by Hyundai’s agency Innocean USA, with media buys coordinated by Canvas. This Viking-themed campaign is not just a promotion for the new Santa Fe but an invitation for football fans to unleash their inner conqueror, transforming their everyday into the extraordinary.

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