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Hyundai Announces Exciting Offers on Alcazar and Tucson Models with Cash Benefits and Extended Warranties

Hyundai Motors is rolling out an array of enticing benefits for customers eyeing its popular Alcazar and Tucson models. In a bid to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction, the automotive giant has introduced a comprehensive package of offers that include cash discounts, exchange bonuses, and special benefits for government or corporate employees.

For the Hyundai Alcazar, potential buyers can look forward to total benefits amounting to INR 35,000. This includes cash benefits of up to INR 15,000 and an exchange bonus of INR 20,000. These benefits are available for both the petrol and diesel variants of the Alcazar, making it an attractive option for a wide range of customers.

The Tucson model is not left behind in this wave of offers. Customers interested in the diesel variant of the Tucson can avail themselves of cash benefits up to INR 50,000. This generous offer is aimed at making the Tucson an even more compelling choice for those in the market for a robust and stylish SUV.

In addition to the financial benefits, Hyundai is also offering an impressive warranty package. Customers can enjoy a 3-year/unlimited kilometer warranty, with an option to extend the warranty for up to 7 years on petrol variants. Furthermore, Hyundai is providing 3 years of roadside assistance to ensure peace of mind during travel.

For those concerned about maintenance, Hyundai has got you covered. The offer includes up to 5 years of running repair packages and maintenance packages, ensuring that your vehicle remains in top condition without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hyundai’s latest offers on the Alcazar and Tucson models underscore the company’s commitment to delivering value to its customers. With a blend of financial benefits and extended warranty options, Hyundai is ensuring that owning one of its cars is not just about luxury and performance, but also about enjoying a worry-free and cost-effective ownership experience.

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