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Electrifying Adventures Await: Opel Unleashes the New Frontera with Dual Power Options

Opel revs up the excitement with the unveiling of the latest iteration of the Frontera SUV, a blend of spacious luxury and electrified efficiency. The Rüsselsheim-based automotive giant announced today the launch of the new Frontera, introducing a model that promises to redefine the standards of the SUV segment. Available in both a fully electric version and an efficient 48-volt hybrid, the new Frontera is a testament to Opel’s commitment to innovative, customer-focused, and sustainable mobility solutions.

The new Frontera is not just another addition to the SUV market; it is a bold statement of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. With its rugged yet modern design, the vehicle boasts an expressive silhouette highlighted by the new Opel Vizor front face and a striking Blitz emblem, setting a new benchmark for the brand’s aesthetic aspirations.

Inside, the Frontera surprises and delights with dual widescreen displays, ergonomic seating innovations, and smart connectivity options, including wireless charging and integrated smartphone pockets, ensuring a comfortable and connected journey. The spacious interior is not only about comfort but also practicality, offering up to 1,600 litres of luggage space and optional functional roof rails for those who live an active lifestyle.

Opel CEO Florian Huettl expressed enthusiasm for the new model, emphasizing its appeal to a broad spectrum of customers looking for a unique blend of rugged design, spaciousness, and cutting-edge technology. The Frontera is designed to excel in urban and suburban settings, providing a seamless recharging experience for electric vehicle enthusiasts and a dynamic driving experience for all.

The launch of the new Frontera marks an exciting chapter in Opel’s history, as the brand continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and technology. With its eye-catching looks, innovative interior features, and choice of electrified powertrains, the new Opel Frontera is ready to take you on electrifying adventures, whether in the city or the great outdoors.

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