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Mulliner and Boodles Sculpt a Masterpiece with the One-Off Bentley Continental GTC

In an unprecedented fusion of heritage and luxury, Mulliner, Bentley’s in-house customization maestro, and Boodles, the British jewellery virtuoso, have unveiled a marvel of automotive and jewel craftsmanship: the exclusive Bentley Continental GTC. This singular creation, which intertwines elegance with bespoke luxury, showcases a Porpoise Grey and Linen color scheme delicately accented by Boodles’ iconic Powder Pink. This partnership has birthed a vehicle that not only redefines luxury but also pays homage to the illustrious histories of both brands, dating back to the 18th century.

The Continental GTC’s exterior, in an Anthracite finish complemented by a Powder Pink pinstripe, sets the stage for the opulence within. Mulliner’s 22″ wheels, adorned in Tungsten with a polished gleam, and the bespoke ‘Boodles 1798’ badges add a touch of historical reverence. Upon entry, the vehicle reveals its inner sanctum, designed to replicate the exhilaration of opening a Boodles jewel box. Linen upholstery, accented with Porpoise grey and Powder Pink, houses the centrepiece: a diamond-set “Be Boodles Bentley” pendant, meticulously crafted from 18ct white gold and set into the centre console.

This collaboration goes beyond surface beauty, delving into intricate details such as the dual-finish veneer combining Piano Linen with 200-million-year-old Autumn Stone, and air vents accented in gold, reflecting Boodles’ 226-year legacy in goldsmithing. The interior features a staggering 278,566 stitches of ‘Be Boodles’ blind stitch embroidery, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship invested in this vehicle.

The Boodles Commission Continental GTC is more than a car; it’s a treasure chest of luxury, history, and artistry, set to be unveiled at Jack Barclays in London on the 11th of April. This partnership not only celebrates the pinnacle of British craftsmanship but also marks a new chapter in the legacy of two iconic brands, blending the worlds of high-end automotive and jewellery design into a singular, breathtaking masterpiece.

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