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Electrifying Journey: Stuttgart to Seville in a Taycan

In an electrifying demonstration of speed, efficiency, and the robustness of the charging infrastructure, Mayk Wienkötter, Porsche’s Taycan and electromobility spokesperson, embarked on an ambitious road trip. The adventure started from the historic city of Stuttgart, aiming for the vibrant streets of Seville. This wasn’t just any trip; it was a challenge to cover 2,300 kilometers in just two days aboard Porsche’s electric marvel, the Taycan.

As dawn broke over the Porsche Museum, Oliver Blume, Porsche’s CEO, marked the start of the journey with a cheerful send-off. Under the crisp morning sky, the Taycan, charged to 99%, was ready to redefine long-distance electric travel. The route planned was not just about reaching the destination but doing so efficiently, utilizing IONITY’s reliable charging network to strike a balance between speed and energy consumption.

Joining the electrifying voyage was Christoph Bauer, Porsche’s photographer, tasked with capturing the essence of this journey. The duo aimed for an average speed of 100 km/h, navigating through the early traffic of Zuffenhausen and onto the autobahns towards the French border. With a powerful 105 kWh battery, the Taycan promised a substantial range, making the first leg of the trip to Burgundy a breeze.

The journey was not just a testament to the Taycan’s performance but also to the evolving landscape of electric mobility in Europe. Charging stops at IONITY stations were brief yet efficient, showcasing the Taycan’s rapid charging capabilities. As the terrain shifted from the rolling hills of Burgundy to the Mediterranean vistas near Avignon, the road trip became a showcase of the Taycan’s comfort and reliability over long distances.

Despite a few hiccups with charging stations along the route, the Taycan and its crew pressed on, enjoying the seamless driving experience and the landscapes unfolding before them. From the architectural wonders of Barcelona to the last stretch into Seville, the journey was a blend of technology, endurance, and the joy of driving.

Upon reaching Seville, the trip had not only demonstrated the Taycan’s capability to effortlessly cover vast distances but also highlighted the growing charging infrastructure in Europe. This journey from Stuttgart to Seville in just two days was a bold statement on the future of electric mobility, proving that long-distance travel in an electric vehicle is not just possible but can be incredibly enjoyable and efficient.

The road trip stands as a beacon for future electric vehicle expeditions, showing that with the right vehicle and infrastructure, the possibilities are boundless.

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