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March into Adventure: Own a Piece of Indian Military History with a Tata Sumo 4×4!

In a unique offering that’s stirring both excitement and amusement, a 2008 model of the Tata Sumo 4×4 army version limited edition is up for grabs in Thrissur, Kerala, priced at INR 6 lakh. This isn’t just any old SUV; it’s a vehicle with a storied past and rugged capabilities.

The Tata Sumo, produced from 1994 to 2019, is an iconic SUV known for its robust build and reliability. Initially launched as a ten-seater rear-wheel-drive SUV, it was primarily designed for military use and off-road transport. Over the years, the Sumo has seen tremendous sales success, becoming a familiar sight on Indian roads.

This particular model comes equipped with a 3000 DI Turbo Intercooler – 407 Pick Up Engine, ensuring that it’s not just a relic but a fully functioning beast ready to take on any terrain. Adding to its allure are features like original 4×4 working, original chilled air conditioning, and power steering, not to mention four new tyres.

However, it’s not all smooth driving for this military marvel. A humorous twist came when a user, leo_victor_bosco, inquired, “Why so high priced, if it is not even bulletproof?” highlighting the curiosity and skepticism such a unique sale generates.

The Tata Sumo’s name pays homage to Sumant Moolgaokar, a former MD of Tata Motors, and its legacy in the Indian market is notable. While the rear-wheel drive version was sold to civilians, the four-wheel drive variant, like the one on sale, was predominantly used by fleets and the Indian army. In the export market, the 4WD version was regularly sold alongside the 2WD.

Now, this piece of military and automotive history can be yours. Whether you’re a collector, an off-road enthusiast, or someone who just wants to feel like they’re part of the Indian Army every time they hit the road, this Tata Sumo 4×4 is an opportunity to own a unique piece of Indian automotive history. March into adventure with this limited edition Sumo army model – just don’t expect it to be bulletproof!

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