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MG India Unveils New Summer Accessories Range to Enhance Driving Comfort

Gurugram, June 07, 2024: MG (Morris Garages), a British automobile brand with a century-old legacy, has introduced an exclusive Summer Accessories Range for its diverse lineup of vehicles. This newly launched collection is crafted to ensure a cooler and more comfortable driving experience during the hot summer months, offering a blend of functionality and style to MG car owners.

Highlights of the Summer Accessories Range:

Custom-fit Sunshades:
Tailored specifically for the Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models, these sunshades provide optimal UV protection. Designed to fit the contours of MG windows, they help keep the interior cool and prevent sun damage to the upholstery and dashboard.

  • Price: Hector/Hector Plus – Rs 3,999, ZS EV/Astor – Rs 4,449, Gloster – Rs 4,739, Comet EV – Rs 1,999

All-weather Car Covers:
Available for the same models, these breathable car covers are made from premium materials to protect vehicles from sun, rain, and dust. The fabric technology allows moisture to escape, preventing mold and mildew.

  • Price: Hector/Hector Plus (Silver) – Rs 2,649, ZS EV/Astor – Rs 2,299, Gloster – Rs 3,199, Comet EV – Rs 1,849

Compact Car Refrigerator:
Ideal for long drives, this high-efficiency refrigerator keeps beverages and snacks cold throughout the journey. It’s designed for seamless integration into the Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models.

  • Price: Rs 25,000 for all variants

Ventilated Seats:
Exclusive to the Gloster models, these seats feature an integrated ventilation system that circulates cool air, ensuring passenger comfort even on the hottest days.

  • Price: Gloster Blackstorm – Rs 9,189

Cooler and Warmer Holder:
This dual-function accessory, available for all the aforementioned models, uses advanced thermoelectric technology to keep beverages at the desired temperature, cooling them to 6°C or warming them to 55°C.

  • Price: Rs 8,399 for all variants

MG India continues to innovate, focusing on enhancing the driving experience. With these new accessories, MG owners can look forward to a more comfortable and enjoyable summer. Each item in the range underscores MG’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, offering solutions that elevate the overall driving experience.

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