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Zooming into the Future: Harman and Qualcomm Rev Up Car Connectivity with 5G Supercharger

Barcelona, Spain – In a high-octane announcement that could shift gears in the automotive world, Harman, a titan in connected car solutions, has unveiled its latest brainchild – the Harman Ready Connect 5G Telematics Control Unit (TCU). This technological marvel, born from a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., aims to turbocharge the journey towards futuristic automotive connectivity.

The Ready Connect 5G TCU, a beacon of innovation, is powered by Qualcomm’s snazzy Snapdragon Digital Chassis technologies. It’s not just any gadget; it’s a leap forward, promising to democratize the way cars connect and communicate. Think of it as a jetpack for your car, only it’s for data, not for flying!

What’s under the hood of this techy gem? The Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem-RF Gen 2, no less! This means the Ready Connect 5G TCU isn’t just a step forward – it’s a giant leap, offering lush in-cabin experiences for consumers while cutting down the time and engineering sweat for car makers. And guess what? It’s already hitting the market and will be strutting its stuff at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 this week.

The dynamic duo of Harman and Qualcomm isn’t new to the tech tango. They’ve been cutting a rug in the tech ballroom for a while, always aiming to meet, and often exceeding, the cravings of today’s tech-savvy consumers. Their latest dance? A 5G TCU that’s all about top-notch connectivity, upgradability, and user-friendliness, ticking all the boxes for today’s fast-paced automotive scene.

Pascal Peguret, the Connectivity Maestro at Harman Automotive, couldn’t hide his excitement. “We’re not just playing with tech; we’re revolutionizing automotive connectivity,” he said. The Ready Connect 5G TCU, he adds, is a game-changer, shaking up the traditional TCU approach with an off-the-shelf, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

Jeff Arnold from Qualcomm Technologies echoes this sentiment. “We’re thrilled to put the pedal to the metal with Harman in driving connectivity innovation in cars,” he said, highlighting the Snapdragon Modem-RF Gen 2 system as the secret sauce in this tech feast.

Harman is now rolling out the red carpet for the automotive industry to witness this tech marvel at MWC 2024. Head over to Hall 4, Booth #4B45, and prepare to be wowed by the Ready Connect 5G TCU, a gadget that’s all set to redefine the in-car experience. Fasten your seatbelts; the future of car connectivity is here, and it’s zooming in fast!

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