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Shockingly Powerful: Acura Unleashes the ZDX Electric Beast with Wallet-Friendly Perks

In an electrifying update that’s charging up the automotive world, Acura has announced the launch of its most potent creation to date, the 2024 ZDX. This all-electric SUV, along with its high-octane sibling, the ZDX Type S, is redefining the roads with jaw-dropping power and a splash of financial incentives that are too good to resist.

The ZDX Type S, dubbed the electric titan of torque, boasts an astounding 544 lb.-ft. of maximum torque and rockets up to 500 horsepower, leaving even the Acura NSX Type S supercar in its eco-friendly dust. Buyers eyeing the ZDX A-Spec have the luxury of choosing between a rear-wheel drive packing 358 horsepower or a dual-motor AWD setup that cranks out a formidable 490 horsepower.

What’s more, these electric marvels aren’t just about brute force. The U.S. government is throwing in a $7,500 EV Tax Credit for each 2024 ZDX, making it an offer that’s hard to drive past. Post-credit, the ZDX A-Spec (RWD) starts at a tempting MSRP of $57,000 (INR 47.13 lakh).

Acura is not just selling a car; they’re offering an experience. From today, potential ZDX owners can dive into an omni-channel digital sales journey, configuring their dream ride, placing orders, and pinning down delivery dates, all from the comfort of their home or at an Acura dealership. This process promises to be as smooth as the ZDX’s ride, ensuring customers get a tailored electric vehicle (EV) purchase adventure.

The anticipation doesn’t stop at the order. Acura is also launching a cutting-edge EV mobile app, making the ZDX purchase even more convenient. This app is a virtual concierge in your pocket, offering updates on delivery status and direct communication channels for any ZDX-related inquiries.

Riding on a revolutionary electric vehicle platform, the ZDX is a testament to Acura’s commitment to Precision Crafted Performance DNA. The Type S variant further amps up the thrill with optional high-performance summer tires, complementing its sleek, gloss-black wheels.

Tech enthusiasts, rejoice! The 2024 ZDX is a rolling tech hub, featuring Acura’s first integration of Google built-in, wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, topped with the immersive soundscapes of Bang & Olufsen luxury audio—a first for Acura that will soon grace the entire lineup.

Charging the ZDX is a breeze, thanks to Acura’s comprehensive charging solutions. Owners get access to an expansive network of public fast-charging stations, including Tesla Supercharger and EVgo, bolstered by the upcoming IONNA network—a venture promising over 30,000 high-powered stations across North America.

As if the ZDX wasn’t attractive enough, Acura is including one of three comprehensive charging packages with every purchase or lease, ensuring every ZDX owner’s charging needs are fully met, whether at home or on the go.

In an era where electric is the new exotic, Acura’s 2024 ZDX is leading the charge, marrying breathtaking power with enticing perks. This isn’t just any EV; it’s a statement on wheels, ready to electrify the streets and your wallet.

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