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San Storm, the Budget Convertible We Miss in India: A Look Back at Its Rise and Fall

San Storm, the convertible car manufactured by San Motors in Goa, India, once held promise as a budget-friendly option for enthusiasts. However, despite initial excitement, the San Storm failed to leave a lasting mark in the Indian automotive market.

Recently, a well-maintained 2011 model of the San Storm surfaced for sale in Kerala, priced at INR 5.50 lakh. The listing highlighted its good condition, guarantee for long drives, cleanliness, robust engine, new tires, and insurance.

However, user inc0gnita01 commented on the missed potential of the San Storm, comparing it to the iconic Miata. The criticisms were directed at its front-wheel-drive system and the utilization of a 1.2 litre Renault Inline-4 cylinder engine, which lacked adequate support in India. Suggestions were made for more localized and powerful engine options available at the time of its launch.

Another user,, reflected on the car’s pricing trajectory from its initial on-road price of 5.5 lakhs in Mumbai to heavy manufacturer discounts and a significant depreciation in the second-hand market.

Furthermore, user rashid247 shared a personal experience with the San Storm, citing issues with overheating, door handles, and petrol tank leakage, leading to dissatisfaction and a quick resale within a year of ownership.

Despite its setbacks, the San Storm remains a nostalgic relic for some, symbolizing a unique chapter in India’s automotive history.

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