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Volvo EX30 Electrifies the Competition: Slims Down Carbon Footprint to Supermodel Proportions

In an eco-fashion show like no other, the Volvo EX30 has strutted down the automotive runway, flaunting the smallest carbon footprint of any electric Volvo vehicle to date. With a life cycle assessment (LCA) revealing a svelte total carbon impact of 23 tonnes over 200,000 km, the EX30 has set a new low-carb diet trend, making the XC40 ICE (petrol) look positively gluttonous by comparison.

This environmental report, focusing solely on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, details the EX30’s journey from raw material extraction to its retirement, emphasizing the importance of wind-based electricity for charging. By using wind power, the EX30 can cut its carbon footprint by up to 42% compared to the global electricity mix, proving that wind is more than just hot air when it comes to fighting climate change.

Jonas Otterheim, Volvo Cars’ head of climate action, highlights the importance of electric vehicle transition for climate health, urging for greater transparency to navigate the roadblocks to lower emissions. Volvo’s commitment to this cause is underscored by their comprehensive LCAs for their electric lineup since 2019, including the EX40, EC40, and now the EX30, helping customers make greener choices.

The EX30 is not just about getting from A to B; it’s about paving a greener path to the future. Boasting the highest proportion of recycled materials in a Volvo car yet, the EX30 is practically a recycling bin on wheels. With initiatives across its supply chain and manufacturing, the EX30 has managed to keep its “cradle-to-gate” impact at a mere 14.8 tonnes, proving that it’s not just about reducing the waistline but doing so sustainably.

By working closely with suppliers to further trim the CO2 waist, Volvo aims to cut emissions from battery production by up to 46% by 2025, turning heads with its commitment to renewable energy and recycled materials.

Having rolled off the production line in November 2023, the EX30 is already collecting accolades like they’re going out of fashion, including titles such as Small SUV/Crossover of the Year and Eco Warrior of the Year. With its eye-catching combination of style, sustainability, and substance, the Volvo EX30 is proving that when it comes to reducing carbon footprints, less really is more.

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