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Gadkari’s Grand Gondola Gesture: Union Minister Flings Funds for Faster Faithful Footfalls

In a move that’s set to make pilgrimages and travel a breeze, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, in a flurry of fiscal benevolence, has unsealed the treasury, sanctioning a whopping Rs 188.95 crore. This generous fund is earmarked for the sprucing up of the existing aerial tramway that charmingly connects Ujjain Junction Railway Station with the divine Mahakaleshwar Temple in Madhya Pradesh. Expected to cut down travel time to a mere 7 minutes, the ropeway aims to shepherd 64,000 pilgrims daily to their spiritual destination, promising a blend of eco-friendly travel and a boom in both tourism and employment opportunities.

But why stop at celestial conveyances? Gadkari, in his crusade to connect and invigorate, has also unlocked Rs 699.19 crore for the transformation of the Khokhra Gujarat Border – Vijayanagar – Antarsuba – Mathasur Road section of National Highway 58 in Palanpur, Gujarat. This stretch, soon to be a smooth 2-lane path with paved shoulders, is not just a road but a ribbon wrapping around several tourist attractions, promising to enhance connectivity and fuel the local economy.

Not one to play favorites, Gadkari has also bestowed Rs 421.15 crore on Assam for the construction of a 4-lane Gauripur Bypass along NH-17 (New)/NH-31(Old), aiming to untangle the traffic in Gauripur town and make the bends a bit less deadly. This infrastructure enchantment is anticipated to slash accident rates, boosting both safety and smiles among travelers.

Finally, Karnataka gets a slice of the infrastructure pie with Rs 576.22 crore allocated for the 4-laning of the Yedegowdanahalli to Arjunahalli segment of NH-373 in Hassan district. This corridor, crucial for connectivity to prime tourist spots, is all set for an upgrade that promises to spur economic activities and tourism in the region.

In a series of moves that might well be described as Gadkari’s “Infrastructure Magic Show,” the minister has waved his wand, transforming roads and ropeways into conduits of convenience, safety, and economic growth. The beneficiaries? Pilgrims, tourists, and the local populace, who can now look forward to smoother travels and better opportunities, thanks to the minister’s visionary vehicular ventures.

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