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Swaraj Tractors Kicks Off ‘Josh Ka Swaran Utsav’: Farmers’ Fiesta Marks 50 Years of Agricultural Excellence

Mohali, March 15, 2024 – In a vibrant celebration that marks its 50th year, Swaraj Tractors, a key player under the Mahindra Group umbrella, has launched ‘Josh Ka Swaran Utsav’, a spirited nationwide van campaign. This jubilant initiative is not just a nod to the company’s golden anniversary but a high-octane tribute to the Indian farmers, who have been the backbone of Swaraj’s success story over the decades.

With the engines roaring and the fields ready, ‘Josh Ka Swaran Utsav’ is Swaraj’s way of driving home their appreciation, as they unveil ‘Naya Swaraj’, the latest in their line of robust tractors, across India’s vast agricultural landscape. The campaign sets off from the northern plains, aiming to cover the length and breadth of the country, engaging farmers in a series of tractor rallies, customer meets, and informative sessions on sustainable farming practices.

Over 50,000 customers are expected to join in the festivities, which promise not just a display of Swaraj’s new tractor range but also a chance for farmers to interact directly with the brand’s sales team, channel partners, and agricultural influencers. The launch event, powered up at one of Swaraj’s oldest manufacturing plants in Mohali, saw Hemant Sikka, President of the Farm Equipment Sector at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., flagging off the campaign. Sikka emphasized, “This golden jubilee is our salute to the tireless spirit of the Indian farmer. It’s our way of driving forward, together.”

Harish Chavan, CEO of the Swaraj Division at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., also highlighted the enduring trust and loyalty shared between Swaraj and its customers. “The ‘Josh Ka Swaran Utsav’ is our heartfelt thanks to the farming communities who have been part of our journey. With ‘Naya Swaraj’, we pledge to continue empowering farmers and nurturing our bonds with them,” Chavan shared, revving up excitement among the farming community.

As the ‘Josh Ka Swaran Utsav’ tractor caravan rolls out, Swaraj aims not only to celebrate its golden jubilee with pomp and show but also to forge stronger connections with the Indian farmers, championing the cause of sustainable agriculture along the way. It’s a festival on wheels, where every turn of the wheel is a story of gratitude, progress, and unbreakable trust between Swaraj and the soil-tillers of India.

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