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Changan UNI-T: The SUV that Thinks it’s a Spaceship

The automotive world has witnessed the arrival of the Changan UNI-T, an SUV with a design so unique it might just belong in a sci-fi flick. With its V-shaped spoiler, inspired by aerodynamic wings, this vehicle is not just a ride, it’s a high-speed stability wizard.

But wait, there’s more! The UNI-T flexes a quad exhaust pipe, emanating a robust visual vibe of tech-infused masculinity. And let’s talk about the grille – or rather, the lack of a traditional one. Instead, it boasts a borderless, parametric design with 150 diamond-shaped elements that seem to defy gravity.

Inside, the UNI-T’s smart cockpit is like a mini command center. It’s equipped with screen mirroring, voice control, and an intelligent dual-screen that protects your peepers from fatigue. Oh, and the panoramic sunroof? It’s not just large; it’s astronomically large, offering a 0.79-size view of the sky while blocking 97% of UV rays.

The SUV’s hidden door handles are a marvel of aerodynamic design, popping out only when needed, like something out of a spy movie. And for those who hate cables, the 15W wireless charging pad is a dream come true.

Driving the UNI-T feels like piloting a space battleship, thanks to its sci-fi-style gear shifter. It also features an Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control System for near-autonomous driving and an APA 5.0 Auto Parking System that makes parking a breeze – or should we say, a spacewalk?

Adding to its space-age features, the UNI-T has a 360° view camera with a drive recorder, ensuring you have eyes everywhere – just in case you encounter an alien invasion.

Priced at 88,400 SAR (INR 19.53 lakh) for the Elite and 96,500 SAR (INR 21.32 lakh) for the SVP model, this SUV is not just a vehicle; it’s a 177-horsepower, 300 Nm torque, interstellar expedition on wheels. With its 7DCT SBW transmission, 2WD drive type, and stylish alloy wheels, the UNI-T is ready to launch you into a new realm of driving.

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