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Nissan Unleashes ‘Engine Wizards and Sky Beauties’ to Jazz Up the 2024 GT-R Fleet

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan has spiced up the sports car scene by rolling out two razzle-dazzle, limited-run marvels for the 2024 GT-R lineup, promising to send fans and collectors into a tizzy. As the sun sets on the 2024 model year, the T-spec Takumi Edition and Skyline Edition emerge as the cherry on top of Nissan’s speedster saga.

Doffing its cap to the masterful takumi, the magicians behind the GT-R VR38DETT engine’s assembly, the T-spec Takumi Edition brings a slice of exclusivity to the road. It’s not just any engine – it’s a masterpiece signed off with a red-etched badge and cradled in a bay with a gold VIN plate, hinting at the meticulous assembly and balance that set these engines apart.

Not to be outdone by its engine, the T-spec Takumi Edition boasts a Midnight Purple exterior, a nod to the GT-R lineage’s most enigmatic shades, coupled with an exclusive Mori Green interior that’s sure to make onlookers green with envy.

But it’s not all looks – the Takumi Edition packs a punch with GT-R NISMO carbon-ceramic brakes, blinged-out gold-painted RAYS 20-inch forged wheels, a NISMO-tuned dance floor (aka Vehicle Dynamic Control), and beefier front fenders to complete its street warrior ensemble.

The Skyline Edition, on the other hand, is a blue streak of nostalgia, painting a picture of Japan’s mesmerizing skylines with its Bayside Blue coat and a fresh Sora Blue interior that’ll make you feel like you’re cruising the clouds.

Once a hallmark of the GT-R palette, Bayside Blue makes its triumphant return after a brief retirement post-R34 generation, proving that good things do indeed come back around.

Details on pricing and finer specs will be unveiled later, but anticipation is already sky-high. These beauties are expected to grace select U.S. Nissan dealers by summer, but blink and you might just miss them – they’re flying off the assembly line in very limited numbers.

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