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Swag on Wheels: NBA Star and Luxury Cars Spin Tales in ‘AMG Uncovered’

In a move that has car aficionados and sports fans alike revving their engines in excitement, Mercedes-AMG teams up with Oklahoma City Thunder’s dribbling sensation, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, to kickstart the “AMG Uncovered” film series. This new, social-first anthology peels back the hood to reveal the fiery passion igniting AMG owners’ love for their turbo-charged chariots.

Driving onto the scene in his high-octane AMG G 63 — notorious for its thirst for both attention and fuel — Gilgeous-Alexander sets the pace for what’s poised to be an adrenaline-fueled journey through the lives of the rich and fast. The series promises a lineup of stars that reads like a guest list to an exclusive gala, featuring the likes of speed demon and Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 ace, Lewis Hamilton, and runway royalty, Jess Hart, among others.

The “AMG Uncovered” series, masterfully captured by Rankin Creative, promises an unfiltered peek into the garages of some of the most fascinating figures in sports, motor racing, and fashion. From the sleek lines of the AMG GT to the rugged allure of the AMG G 63, these videos are more than just car tours — they’re confessionals on wheels, revealing everything from bespoke racing helmets to bags of candy hidden in glove compartments.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, no stranger to the limelight, shares his ride-or-die commitment to his AMG G 63, a vehicle that mirrors his unique blend of style and performance both on and off the court. His enthusiasm for the project is palpable: “It’s cool to see how other AMG owners use their cars – and sharing my passion for this brand with the AMG community.”

As viewers buckle up for this unscripted ride, they can expect to delve deep into the lives of AMG enthusiasts, uncovering the heartfelt stories that link them to their machines. Each episode is a testament to the AMG spirit, capturing the essence of speed, luxury, and individuality that defines the brand. “With ‘AMG Uncovered’, we aim to capture this emotional connection in the most authentic way possible,” states Judith Luise Sauter, Head of Product Marketing AMG & Sales Top-End-Vehicles, ensuring that this series will be anything but your standard test drive.

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