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Money-Mover Extraordinaire: Alexander Schoen Takes the Financial Wheel at Daimler India

In a move that’s got everyone in the corporate corridors chuckling, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), the beloved offspring of the mighty Daimler Truck AG, has thrown a curveball in the financial world by roping in Alexander Schoen as its new Chief Financial Officer, starting from the prime date of March 1, 2024.

Taking the helm amid high expectations, Schoen is tasked with the Herculean duty of navigating DICV’s financial ship through the stormy seas of market competition. His mission, should he choose to accept it (and he has), involves cranking up the financial strategy dial, pushing operational efficiencies to the max, and playing a central role in ensuring that DICV doesn’t just float but sails majestically towards growth and prosperity.

The captain of the ship, Satyakam Arya (Managing Director & CEO), couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “Welcoming Alexander to our family feels like injecting our financial bloodstream with an adrenaline shot. With his globe-trotting experience and knack for making numbers dance, we’re all set to turbo-charge our way into the future.” He also tipped his hat to Manish Thakore, the outgoing CFO, wishing him luck as he jumps ship to Daimler Truck Financial Services North America.

Schoen, a man whose financial acumen has been sharpened on the global stages of Tokyo, Kassel, and notably as the CFO maestro of Daimler Truck Mexico, steps into the Indian arena with a glittering resume. His illustrious career, kickstarted in 1999, showcases a saga of financial wizardry, project jugglery, and efficiency craftsmanship.

On accepting his new role, Schoen expressed his eagerness to dive into the vibrant and challenging Indian Commercial Vehicles industry. “I’m thrilled to bring my global playbook to DICV’s field, aiming for financial excellence and stakeholder value maximization,” he remarked, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating financial saga.

As Schoen replaces Thakore, who’s now embarking on a special projects adventure with Daimler Truck Financial Services North America, the financial wheels at DICV are spinning faster than ever. With a new financial pilot at the helm, the company’s journey towards growth and sustainability looks more promising and, dare we say, financially exciting.

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