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At INR 498 enter Vinewood Club Garage in GTA+

There’s so much to celebrate this holiday season in GTA Online, with the launch of The Chop Shop and the newest GTA+ Member benefits, which include The Vinewood Club’s latest premium offering — the 100-vehicle capacity Club Garage.

Plus, hit the roads in the new Declasse Impaler LX (Muscle) that is free to GTA+ Members, and enjoy new Chameleon Paints, festive clothing, and much more as part of the premium GTA Online Membership program on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The Vinewood Club Garage

The Vinewood Club Garage is an extensive new expansion to meet the vehicular storage needs of The Vinewood Club’s clientele. On top of all your garage space in existing properties, GTA+ Members now have access to the full 100 vehicle storage capacity of this new location in Pillbox Hill, right in the core of downtown Los Santos.

The latest members-only perk from The Vinewood Club, you can now store up to a whopping 100 vehicles across five floors in this state-of-the-art facility. Paired with the new vehicle management menu, The Vinewood Club Garage provides the most spacious and organized vehicle storage experience to date.

GTA+ Members have access to The Vinewood Club Garage’s full storage capacity, including the ability to add and remove vehicles via the Interaction Menu. You’ll retain permanent access to all vehicles housed in the garage, however storage of any additional vehicles will be suspended if your GTA+ subscription has lapsed.

Claim the New Declasse Impaler LX

Pull up and flex in the new Declasse Impaler LX, a thick, performance-first muscle car that recalls a grittier time in Los Santos’ history. Ditch the bells and whistles and embrace the open road in this purist’s rendition of a classic.

GTA+ Members can claim the Declasse Impaler LX for free right at The Vinewood Car Club or via Southern San Andreas Super Autos’ in-game website. GTA+ Members can also claim the Green Anime Geometry livery for the Declasse Impaler LX — available at any LS Customs, Auto Shop, or Vehicle workshop.

New Chameleon Paint and Chameleon Wheel Paint

Make others envious by taking eligible vehicles to any Los Santos Customs, Auto Shop or Vehicle Workshop and claiming the Pastel Green Pearl Chameleon Paint. Plus, adorn your rims with the Red Rainbow Chameleon Wheel Paint to complete the jolly ensemble.

Holiday Clothing

GTA+ Members will receive the Rockstar Festive Boom SweaterFestive Flannel Closed Suit, and the Gray Camo Yeti Closed Suit for even more yuletide swag to celebrate the merriest season.

1.5X GTA$ on Tow Truck Service at the Salvage Yard

In addition to Yusuf’s steady workflow of Vehicle Robberies, players can also engage in Tow Truck Services for an extra source of income, as GTA+ Members get an extra 50% payout on Tow Truck Salvage Value. On top of the immediate payout, polishing up your Salvage Yard’s reputation will bolster your passive income.

2X GTA$ and RP on Drift Races and Freemode Events

Become one with the wheel to accumulate points on successful drifts in new Drift Races. Achieve Drift God / Drift Goddess status with the added incentive of 2X GTA$ and RP for participating in Drift Races. This bonus stacks to a sweet 4X GTA$ and RP for GTA+ Members from December 21 through January 3.

Plus, participate in Freemode Events to get in the competitive spirit of the holidays, especially since they’re doling out 2X GTA$ and RP for GTA+ Members.

50% off LS Car Meet Takeover

Enjoy the exclusivity of a private gathering by taking over the LS Car Meet to provide you and your fellow motorheads with a personalized experience with full access to all the facilities the space has to offer. Hosting an LS Car Meet Takeover is available to esteemed members with LS Car Meet reputation level 20 and above, and GTA+ Members have the added advantage of a 50% discount.

And Much More…

All for just $5.99 per month (INR 498). For full details, visit the GTA+ website.

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