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Honda’s 2024 Talon Lineup: Off-Road Royalty Gets a Majestic Makeover!

ALPHARETTA, Georgia, January 23, 2024 – Today marks a grand celebration for off-road enthusiasts as American Honda reveals its 2024 Talon 1000 series. Aptly named the ‘Off-Road Crown Jewels,’ this lineup includes seven splendid models in both two- and four-seat configurations. The standard editions are now upgraded with a new Showa suspension, ensuring a reign of comfort and control over diverse terrains.

Since its royal debut in 2019, the Honda Talon has been a favorite for those seeking adventure in the wild, be it through dense forests or over desert dunes. The 2024 lineup, with X versions designed for winding woodland paths and R models built for the rugged desert landscape, is the most formidable fleet the brand has offered. With options of standard or FOX Live Valve versions – the latter boasting adaptive suspension technology – these vehicles are geared to conquer any terrain.

Brandon Wilson, from American Honda’s Racing and Experiential Marketing department, shared his excitement: “As the Talon platform celebrates its sixth year, Honda is proud to present such an accomplished collection of sport side-by-sides. The Talon, in just six years, has garnered a loyal following for its unparalleled combination of performance, reliability, and dependability.”

The two-seater Talons, namely the nimble 1000X and the swift 1000R, are tailored for either agility or speed. Both come with an option of the enchanting FOX Live Valve technology, offering a terrain-responsive ride. The 2024 non-Live Valve models are equipped with the newly developed Showa suspension, born from a collaboration between Honda and Showa engineers, designed to enhance ride comfort and control.

In terms of colors, the Talon 1000R and 1000X are available in Matte Abyss Black, while the FOX Live Valve versions of both models come in Pearl Red and Matte Navy Blue. As for the price, the Talon 1000R is set at $21,399 (INR 17.79 lakh) and the Talon 1000X at $20,399. The FOX Live Valve versions of the 1000R and 1000X are priced at $23,599 and $22,599, respectively.

The four-seat Talon 1000 versions, introduced in 2020, have enabled more companions to join in the off-road excitement. Available in X and R configurations, these models too have the FOX Live Valve suspension option. The 2024 X models also come with the new Showa shock absorbers, ensuring a high-quality ride through rough terrains. The four-seater Talon 1000X-4 is available in Matte Abyss Black, while the FOX Live Valve models of both the X and R versions come in Pearl Red. The Talon 1000X-4 is priced at $22,899, with the FOX Live Valve models of the X-4 and R-4 priced at $24,899 and $25,899, respectively.

These majestic off-road vehicles will be available to the public starting February, offering a chance to experience the thrill of royalty on rugged terrains.

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