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Kia EV9 Crowned Double Winner at 2024 World Car Awards

NEW YORK – In a remarkable celebration of automotive excellence, the 2024 World Car Awards, powered by Brembo, announced its winners across multiple categories, spotlighting the industry’s leading innovations and design. The ceremony, held in New York, saw the Kia EV9 clinching the prestigious titles of 2024 World Car of the Year and 2024 World Electric Vehicle, marking a significant achievement for Kia following its history of accolades in the competition.

Volvo’s EX30 was named the 2024 World Urban Car, a nod to the brand’s electrification efforts and market impact. Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N took home the 2024 World Performance Car award, underscoring Hyundai Motor Company’s prowess in electric performance. The BMW 5 Series / i5 was celebrated as the 2024 World Luxury Car, while the Toyota Prius was honored with the 2024 World Car Design of the Year, showcasing a significant departure from its traditional design language to win hearts in both aesthetics and performance.

Ho Sung Song, President and CEO at Kia, expressed immense pride in the EV9’s double win, emphasizing Kia’s dedication to technological and design excellence. “This triumph is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design excellence. The Kia EV9’s continued success will drive us to keep delivering exceptional vehicles that redefine the driving experience for customers around the world,” he stated.

The Volvo EX30’s victory represents the second win for Volvo Cars in the 20-year history of the World Car Awards, with Volvo’s CEO, Jim Rowan, highlighting the car’s significant contribution to Volvo’s growth and its alignment with the company’s electrification strategy.

Hyundai’s win with the Ioniq 5 N adds another feather to the company’s cap, marking its seventh award in the history of the World Car Awards. Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company, celebrated the achievement as a reflection of Hyundai’s commitment to electric performance and innovation.

BMW’s Senior Vice President, Bernd Körber, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to delivering products that resonate with demanding audiences worldwide.

The Toyota Prius’s recognition as the World Car Design of the Year was highlighted by Chief Engineer Yasushi Ueda, who shared insights into the design philosophy behind the latest Prius, focusing on creating an emotionally appealing and fun-to-drive vehicle.

The 2024 World Car Awards not only reflect the automotive industry’s current trends and advancements but also celebrate the creativity, innovation, and commitment of manufacturers to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in automotive design and technology.

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