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PM Modi Turns Asphalt Alchemist, Magically Transforms INR One Lakh Crore into 112 Highway Projects Across India

In a move that could only be described as ‘infrastructural wizardry’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi orchestrated a grand spectacle of development at Gurugram, Haryana, magically converting a hefty sum of about Rs. One lakh crore into 112 sprawling National Highway projects. The ceremony, witnessed by lakhs via the modern sorcery of technology, wasn’t just about laying bricks and mortar; it was a bold stride into the future of modern connectivity.

Amidst the fanfare, the PM unveiled the Haryana stretch of the Dwarka Expressway, a 19 km marvel that promises to forever alter the way Delhi and Haryana converse through wheels and pavements. “Today, we’re not just changing gears in our vehicles but shifting the very gear of life for countless citizens,” Modi enthused, painting a vivid picture of transformation and progress.

With a pinch of pride, Modi highlighted that within the infant months of 2024, over Rs 10 lakh crore worth of projects have either been gifted to the nation or set on the path of realization. The bouquet of today’s projects, he revealed, is a geographical mosaic ranging from the southern jewels of Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh, stretching up to the northern glories of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, rolling over to the eastern delights of Bengal and Bihar, and culminating in the western gems of Maharashtra, Punjab, and Rajasthan. “An increase of 540 kilometers in the Amritsar Bhatinda Jamnagar Corridor and the blossoming of the Bengaluru Ring Road are among today’s offerings,” declared Modi, showcasing the widespread developmental embrace.

The Prime Minister didn’t miss the opportunity to remind the audience of the transformative leap from ‘delay’ to ‘delivery’ under his watch. Gone are the days of procrastination; today, the nation dances to the rhythm of rapid development. Reflecting on the yesteryears when the now-thriving lands around the Dwarka Expressway were once no-go zones post-sunset, Modi proudly noted the area’s metamorphosis into a bustling corporate hub, demonstrating the government’s knack for turning challenges into stepping stones for progress.

Highlighting the Dwarka Expressway’s strategic linkage to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Modi underscored the pivotal role of such infrastructural marvels in knitting the National Capital Region closer, thereby fueling economic acceleration and integration. He lauded the Haryana government’s relentless push towards infrastructure modernization, essential for both the state’s and the nation’s flourishing future.

Drawing a larger picture, Modi envisioned a 21st Century India characterized by ambitious visions and colossal goals, where infrastructure plays a key role in not just alleviating poverty but also in paving the digital highway to rural empowerment. He underscored the government’s unwavering commitment towards not only elevating India’s economic stature on the global stage but also ensuring the blossom of employment opportunities for the youth.

With the backdrop of accomplished projects like the Eastern Peripheral Expressway and the miraculous resurrection of long-pending initiatives like the Dwarka Expressway, Modi’s administration stands testament to a new era of governance where elections do not dictate the tempo of development.

In conclusion, as the Prime Minister poetically summed up, “Earlier, there were delays; now, there are deliveries. Earlier, there was delay; now, there is development.” The event, graced by a constellation of dignitaries including the Governor of Haryana Bandaru Dattatreya, Chief Minister Manohar Lal, Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari and several Union Ministers, not only celebrated the laying of concrete but also laid the foundation for a resplendent future of infrastructural opulence and economic prosperity across India.

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