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Rare 2009 Ford Tourneo, a Fusion of Style and Utility, Now for Sale in Mumbai

In the bustling streets of Bandra West, Mumbai, a unique vehicle has caught the attention of van enthusiasts and collectors alike. A 2009 model of the Ford Tourneo, renowned for its distinctive design and versatility, is on the market for INR 10 lakh. This particular vehicle, a testament to Ford’s innovative engineering, has traveled a mere 55,000 km and is powered by the robust Duratorq diesel engine, paired with a manual transmission.

The Ford Tourneo, also known in various markets as the Ford Transit Pro and JMC Fushun, is the first owner’s pride and boasts a clean record under the registration HP64A2402. This model underwent a significant facelift in 2009, incorporating Ford’s “New Edge” design cues, famously seen in models like the Focus and Ka. It represents the third all-new design introduced by Ford in July 2000, marking a milestone in the van’s history by offering both front- and rear-wheel drive options.

The 2009 facelift brought a fresh look to the Transit, with updated front and rear lights, a revamped front end, and an interior makeover that includes the gearstick on the dashboard and Ford’s new corporate radio design. Alongside aesthetic enhancements, the powertrains were also upgraded to provide a more efficient and powerful performance.

Enthusiasts speculate on the allure of importing such a vehicle to India, with user chernoblyat.152 suggesting that it might be to showcase wealth or the unique appeal of the van. However, they humorously note that a more pragmatic choice for savvy individuals might be a model from Force Urbania, hinting at the blend of practicality and prestige the Ford Tourneo brings.

The Ford Tourneo stands as a symbol of Ford’s commitment to innovation, blending practicality with the stylistic elements of its “New Edge” designs. Its availability in the Indian market presents a rare opportunity for collectors and business owners alike to own a piece of Ford’s history, combining utility with an unmistakable sense of style.

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