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Performance by Design: Shaping the Future of McLaren Automotive’s Design DNA

McLaren Automotive today unveiled its innovative design philosophy set to define its forthcoming generation of supercars, hypercars, and future projects. Drawing on McLaren’s illustrious 60-year racing legacy and its impressive roster of road cars, this new design vision is centered around five core principles: Epic, Athletic, Functional, Focused, and Intelligent. These tenets form the cornerstone of design for upcoming models, crafted under the visionary guidance of the new Chief Design Officer, Tobias Sühlmann.

This strategic shift in design direction marks a significant evolution for McLaren, promising a lineup that not only pays homage to its racing and road car heritage but also looks firmly to the future. The design language will manifest in striking, bold aesthetics and intelligent interior designs aimed at enhancing driving performance, all inspired by McLaren’s Formula 1 and racing achievements.

According to Tobias Sühlmann, the incorporation of McLaren’s Design DNA’s five fundamental principles—Epic, Athletic, Functional, Focused, and Intelligent—underlines a holistic approach to marrying performance with design. These principles aim to translate McLaren’s six decades of motorsport heritage into breathtaking, lightweight supercars and beyond, signaling a new chapter for the brand characterized by greater product differentiation and innovative design.

The new design DNA will influence every aspect of McLaren’s future vehicles, from their exterior styling to the driver-focused interiors. Design signatures, inspired by iconic McLaren models and racing achievements, will imbue future vehicles with distinctive visual identities, supporting the brand’s expansion into new segments and accommodating future powertrain technologies.

The visual identity of future McLarens will draw from the brand’s rich motorsport history, showcasing a fusion of innovative engineering and cutting-edge design. Key design signatures will include symmetrical front elements with a low nose, inspired by legendary McLaren racers, and a performance line along the side, reminiscent of iconic models like the McLaren F1 and P1™. The rear design will feature an open back end for enhanced heat dissipation, with design elements emphasizing width and a low, racing car-like stance.

McLaren’s commitment to a driver-focused design ethos will continue with interior spaces that are both spacious and comfortable, without compromising on the purity of purpose or the driver’s ability to focus on performance. This balance is achieved through intelligent design features like concave surfaces and a horizon-like forward view, ensuring that McLaren’s legacy of performance-driven engineering continues to thrive in its future models.

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