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Peugeot Electrifies the Roads: 2008 Model Year Gets Hybrid and Electrifying Deals

In an electrifying update that’s sparking interest across the automotive world, Peugeot has flipped the switch on its new offerings, charging ahead with the release of its 2024 models. The French automaker announced that orders for the hybrid variant of the new 2008 are now live, with the first set of keys expected to be handed over to customers this March. But wait, there’s an added jolt of excitement: the E-2008 is getting a power-packed boost with a new 100kW (136hp) electric motor teamed with a 50kWh battery that’s sure to drive electric enthusiasts wild.

Peugeot isn’t just stopping at new powertrains; they’re powering up the deals too. The new E-2008 can be yours with 0% APR over four years, no initial deposit required, and a £4,000 nudge from the Peugeot Switch Grant. Now, that’s what we call electrifying shopping!

The 2008’s new hybrid setup pairs a peppy 1.2-litre petrol engine with a fresh six-speed dual-clutch auto gearbox, electrified by a 21kW motor and a 0.9kWh 48V lithium-ion battery. This concoction promises to sprinkle some extra torque at low revs and squeeze out up to 1km of pure electric joy ride, making urban cruising a breeze. With a notable reduction in CO2 emissions and an improved fuel economy, it’s a guilt-free pleasure for both your wallet and the planet.

For those looking to amp up their eco-friendly credentials, the E-2008’s electric powertrain delivers up to 214 miles of emission-free excitement on a single charge, with a quick zap back to 80% in just under 30 minutes using a 100kW DC rapid charger. This means less time tethered to a charger and more time enjoying the open road.

Peugeot also introduces the PureTech 100 powertrain with a six-speed manual transmission in the Allure trim, making luxury more accessible without having to leap from the Active trim’s price point.

With prices starting at £24,170 (INR 25.50 lakh) and climbing to £40,700 (INR 42.95 lakh) for the top-tier models, Peugeot is ensuring that driving green doesn’t mean forking out a lot of green. So, if you’re in the market for a ride that’s as kind to the environment as it is to your bank account, Peugeot’s 2024 lineup might just be the electric shock your driving life needs.

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