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Fowl Play: Celebrity Chef Judy Joo Whips Up Korean Fried Chicken Using a Kia EV6 as Her Kitchen

In a sizzling display of culinary innovation, celebrity chef Judy Joo has turned the Kia EV6, a fully electric vehicle, into a makeshift kitchen to create her ultimate Korean Fried Chicken recipe. Demonstrating her skills ahead of the Korean New Year, Joo has taken to TV and online platforms to showcase how the modern Korean classic can be prepared in the most unconventional settings – powered entirely by the EV6.

The electric vehicle, known for its eco-friendly credentials, features two domestic 3-pin plug ports that Joo utilized to power a fryer and induction hob. This vehicle-to-load function allowed her to fry up a storm directly from the car, adorned in a ‘Seoul Food’ design by Brighton-based Korean designer Daisy Chang, complete with a playful chicken motif inspired by the Korean phoenix.

This culinary adventure comes against a backdrop of growing British fascination with Korean culture, with a third of Brits expressing their eagerness to dive into everything from Squid Game to Korean Fried Chicken. A whopping 68% have already savored Korean fried chicken, with other dishes like kimchi and bibimbap not far behind in popularity.

Joo, known for her appearances on “Saturday Kitchen,” remarked on the UK’s love affair with Korean culture, from its music to its television, and now, its cars. By combining a beloved traditional recipe with the innovation of the Kia EV6, Joo has not only highlighted the versatility of Korean dishes but also the cutting-edge technology of Korean electric vehicles. The Kia EV6, with its striking design, long-range capabilities, and ultra-fast charging, represents the fusion of tradition and modernity that Joo aims to embody in her cooking.

As the EV6 continues to garner acclaim, including the title of ‘Best Family Electric SUV’ at the 2024 What Car? Awards, Joo’s “Car Fried Chicken” stands as a testament to the creative possibilities that arise when traditional Korean flavors meet contemporary innovation.
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