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Kia India’s Techy Tally: 400,000 Connected Cars Cruise Off The Lot

March 7, 2024, India – In an exhilarating sprint past the checkered flag of modern mobility, Kia India has turbocharged its way into the future with a whopping sale of over 400,000 connected cars. Making up a grand 44% of its total charm offensive, these smart chariots are steering Kia towards an impressive 30.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), zooming past the global prediction of 18% like it’s standing still.

At the heart of this tech revolution is the Seltos, grabbing the wheel with a 65% share of Kia’s connected conquests. It seems the tech-savvy Seltos is the apple of the Indian customer’s eye, with more than half of its buyers opting for the connected cruise control. Not trailing far behind in this digital derby, the Carens and the Sonet have also thrown their hats in the ring, with a notable number of customers going gaga for gadgets.

Kia’s connected cars are like the Swiss Army knives of the road, equipped with features that would make even the most gadget-obsessed geek blush. Fancy telling your car to open the sunroof with a cheeky “Sunroof Kholo”? Done. Dreaming of cooling down or heating up your ride before you even get in? Consider it sorted. And for those who like their privacy, there’s even a valet mode that plays gatekeeper to your car’s AVNT.

Myung-sik Sohn, the wizard behind Kia’s curtain of innovation, couldn’t be prouder. “Our cars are not just about getting from A to B; they’re about zooming into the future, hand in hand with our customers’ lifestyles,” he remarked, hinting at even more connected magic spells to be cast on the roads ahead.

As Kia continues to push the pedal on its tech-driven journey, one thing is clear: the future of driving looks not just connected, but electrifyingly cool.

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