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Volvo Charges Ahead with a Single Motor: XC40 Recharge Launched at INR 54.9 lakh

Delhi, March 7, 2024 – In an electrifying update that’s bound to spark joy among eco-conscious motorists, Volvo Car India has today launched a new, more affordable variant of its XC40 Recharge, now with a single motor, at a shockingly reasonable introductory ex-showroom price of INR 54.95 lakhs (plus applicable taxes). Volvo has managed to extend its electric vehicle (EV) offerings without shocking wallets, proving that luxury and sustainability can indeed go hand-in-hand, or wheel-in-wheel, in this case.

Dubbed the XC40 Recharge Single Motor, this new variant promises to take you farther on a single charge than most people would dare to jog. With an impressive range of 475 kilometers as per the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) and an even more astounding 592 kilometers under Indian Certification of Automotive Testing (ICAT) conditions, range anxiety is now a thing of the past. This means you can drive from Delhi to Amritsar without worrying about where to plug in next, all while enjoying the silent hum of your conscience being as clean as your emissions.

Volvo’s latest electric chariot is not just about going the distance. It packs a punch with 238 horsepower and a torque of 420Nm, allowing you to zoom from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 7.3 seconds. Yes, it’s quick, clean, and also cunningly clever, with leather-free interiors that wouldn’t look out of place in a vegan superhero’s garage.

In addition to its high-speed hijinks, Volvo is also offering a bundle of joy known as the “Hassle-free Ownership Package.” This package includes an 8-year battery warranty, a 3-year comprehensive car warranty, and a 3-year Volvo Service Package among other perks, ensuring that the only thing owners need to worry about is how to efficiently use the ample 419 liters of boot space.

Assembled with meticulous care at Volvo’s state-of-the-art facility in Hosakote, Bengaluru, the XC40 Recharge Single Motor is not just another EV; it’s a statement on wheels. A statement that says, “I care about the environment, but I also really enjoy pressing the accelerator.”

Following the tire tracks of its predecessors, the XC40 Recharge Single and its siblings, the Twin Motor variant and the C40 Recharge Twin Motor, are set to electrify the Indian market. With electric models accounting for a striking 28% of Volvo’s total sales last year, the introduction of the XC40 Recharge Single Motor is expected to further charge up the brand’s sales figures.

For those interested in joining Volvo’s electric luxury crusade, pre-bookings are now open exclusively online. Volvo promises not just a car, but a “Tre Kronor Experience,” promising a royal suite of luxury and personalized experiences to make you feel like Swedish royalty, minus the crown but with all the green glory.

So, if you’re looking to invest in an electric future without compromising on luxury or performance, Volvo’s latest offering might just be the bolt from the blue you’ve been waiting for.

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