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MG Electrifies Geneva: Zaps Competition with IM Line and All-New MG3 Hybrid

In a move that’s sure to spark interest and jolt the competition, MG is all charged up to unveil its entire IM product line at the 2024 Geneva Show, including the electrifying debut of the IM L6 saloon. This event is poised to be a powerhouse of automotive innovation, highlighting MG’s commitment to Intelligent Mobility (IM) and showcasing the strikingly new MG3 Hybrid.

IM, standing for Intelligent Mobility, represents MG’s parent company’s foray into the smart Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) arena. The brand is set to electrify the market with its promise of an exhilarating driving experience merged with cutting-edge technology.

The spotlight will be on the global debut of the IM L6, a premium, purely electric saloon that promises to drive the future of electric mobility. With its advanced tech features and leading-edge electric powertrains, the IM L6 is not just a car – it’s a lightning bolt on wheels. Its breathtaking acceleration, zipping from 0-100 km/h in less than three seconds, is matched by an impressive range of over 600 to 800 kilometres, depending on the specification.

Set to launch in Europe in 2025, IM is targeting the premium sector with a laser focus on executive saloons and large SUVs. These models will not just drive on the road – they’ll drive technology forward with advanced driving assistance, intelligent connectivity, and top-of-the-line EV powertrains.

The Geneva Show will be the stage for this high-voltage reveal, with the all-new MG3 Hybrid and the IM L6 set to make their grand entrance at 10:30 CET on Monday, 26 February. Attendees can experience this electrifying lineup at MG Stand Number 4251, Hall 4. Get ready for a shockingly good show!

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