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Hyundai’s Drive4Progress Initiative Shifts Gender Norms into High Gear with 250 New Female Drivers

Gurugram, March 07, 2024 – In a groundbreaking move that’s steering towards inclusivity and empowerment, the Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) has turbocharged its efforts with the ‘Drive4Progress’ initiative, putting 250 women in the driver’s seat across the Delhi NCR region. This initiative, powered by a strategic tripartite alliance between the philanthropic powerhouse HMIF, the visionary Navjyoti NGO, and the eco-conscious ride-hailing titan BluSmart, is not just changing lanes in gender norms but also accelerating towards an empowered future for women.

The ceremonial exchange of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was flagged off by Anirudh Arun, the Co-Founder & CEO of BluSmart Fleet, and Gurusharan Khurana, the President of ‘Navjyoti Transforming Lives & Careers Society’ NGO, in the esteemed presence of Hyundai Motor India’s corporate champions, Puneet Anand and Soon Sang Hong. This partnership gears up to drive forward the global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, showcasing a model of how corporations can fuel social change, one gear at a time.

Puneet Anand, revving up the enthusiasm at the MoU exchange, highlighted, “Hyundai’s engine of progress is powered by inclusivity and skill development, aligning with our vision for a future where women empowerment is not just a destination, but the journey. This initiative is our roadmap towards creating a more inclusive, skilled workforce, reflecting our commitment to driving societal change and promoting gender inclusivity in sectors traditionally dominated by men.”

BluSmart’s Anirudh Arun, speaking on the collaboration, shared his excitement about creating a lane for women in the transportation sector, emphasizing the importance of skilling, empowering, and providing a safe workspace for women driver partners. “At BluSmart, we are not just talking about decarbonization but also about breaking the glass ceiling, one ride at a time,” he remarked, underlining the transformative impact of this initiative.

Echoing these sentiments, Gurusharan Khurana from Navjyoti underscored the collaborative effort to gear up women with the skills and opportunities needed to navigate the road to success as professional drivers. “This initiative is not just about driving lessons; it’s about steering lives towards empowerment and inclusivity,” Khurana added, highlighting the broader societal impact of the program.

Launched in October 2023, the ‘Drive4Progress’ initiative is on a mission to train over 1,500 youth, ensuring at least 30% participation from women, across various states in India. With a comprehensive training program that includes not just the nuts and bolts of driving but also soft skills, customer service, and vehicle maintenance, this initiative is setting the stage for a new generation of skilled women drivers ready to take on the roads and break stereotypes.

As the engines start and the training wheels come off, these 250 women are not just getting behind the wheel; they’re driving towards a future of equality, independence, and empowerment. With HMIF, Navjyoti, and BluSmart in the driver’s seat of change, the road ahead looks promising for gender inclusivity and empowerment in the transportation industry. The ‘Drive4Progress’ initiative is more than just a journey; it’s a revolution, shifting gears and breaking barriers, one woman driver at a time.

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