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NHAI Establishes DPR Review Cell to Enhance National Highway Project Standards

In a bid to ensure superior construction standards, cost-efficiency, and timely completion of National Highway projects, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has inaugurated a dedicated Detailed Project Report (DPR) cell at its headquarters in New Delhi. This new initiative aims to streamline the DPR review process, offering expert insights and comprehensive monitoring of National Highway projects from inception to completion.

The DPR cell is tasked with the crucial role of maintaining uniformity and quality in the preparation and review of DPRs, which are essential for the successful implementation of highway projects. These reports encompass various surveys, investigations, and design aspects necessary for project execution.

Comprising a specialized team of approximately 40 professionals, the DPR cell includes Principal DPR Experts and specialists in fields such as road safety, traffic management, land acquisition, bridge and tunnel engineering, geotechnics, and forestry. This diverse expertise will facilitate the development of standardized mechanisms and monitoring systems to ensure consistent and high-quality DPR reviews throughout the project lifecycle.

Additionally, the DPR cell will play a pivotal role in analyzing bid documents, preparing technical schedules, and providing cost estimates based on design features. The cell’s experts will also assist in planning preconstruction activities and integrating projects with the Highway Information Model Software (HIMS). To further enhance the quality of DPRs, officials from the cell will conduct site visits to assess proposals from DPR and design consultants, offering innovative practices for improved project outcomes.

Through these efforts, the DPR cell is set to produce precise and high-quality reports that will pave the way for the development of world-class National Highways, significantly contributing to the nation’s infrastructure growth.

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