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Family Road Trips Just Got Louder: Renault Scenic E-Tech Goes Electric with Harman Kardon’s Symphony on Wheels

Munich, Germany – Buckle up and turn the volume up for the next family adventure as Harman International partners with Renault to amplify your road trip experience in the newly electrified Scenic E-Tech. This collaboration marries Harman’s mastery of melodic engineering with Renault’s flair for automotive design, introducing a premium sound system that promises to make every journey a musical masterpiece.

Unveiled with fanfare at IAA Mobility 2023, the Scenic E-Tech electric is Renault’s latest nod to families seeking sustainable mobility without compromising on space, safety, or sound. The vehicle is a testament to Renault’s legacy, revolutionizing the concept of family trips with a focus on environmental friendliness and cutting-edge technology.

The collaboration boasts a sonic experience fine-tuned by the genius of French artist and producer Jean-Michel Jarre, alongside Harman’s 70 years of audio engineering excellence. Greg Sikora, Senior Director at Harman, emphasizes the partnership’s dedication to transcending mere music playback to deliver a rich, nuanced sound landscape that captures the listener’s imagination.

Without the hum of a combustion engine, the Scenic E-Tech’s entertainment system steals the spotlight, featuring nine high-performance speakers, including innovative single voice coil woofers and an External Coupled Subwoofer (ECS) for bass that feels as good as it sounds. An 8-channel DSP digital amplifier ensures crystal-clear audio across all frequencies, at any volume.

The system also introduces QuantumLogic® Surround technology and Vehicle Speed Compensation, along with five unique sound ambiences designed by Jean Michel Jarre, ranging from “Studio” for the purists, to “Club” for those who like it loud, ensuring an immersive auditory experience tailored to every passenger’s preference.

Complementing the auditory feast is the Scenic E-Tech’s award-winning design, which integrates the speakers into the vehicle’s interior with an elegance that mirrors the Harman Kardon brand’s iconic logo, a design recognized by the prestigious Red Dot and iF design awards.

As the Scenic E-Tech electric sets the stage for memorable family moments on the road, the harmonious blend of Renault’s design and Harman’s sound innovation ensures that your next road trip will be an electrifying symphony on wheels.

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