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Revolution on a Budget: Renault’s New Scenic E-Tech Electric Hits the Streets with a Wallet-Friendly Tag

In a move that’s electrifying the family SUV market, Renault has supercharged its Scenic E-Tech electric lineup with the launch of the new 170hp Comfort Range variant, starting at a shockingly affordable £37,495 (INR 39.44 lakh). This addition not only amps up the options for eco-conscious consumers but also trims down the entry price by a neat £3,500 (INR 3.68 lakh).

The latest offering, powered by a robust 60kWh battery, promises a guilt-free journey of up to 418 km on a single charge, making it a perfect companion for both urban escapades and countryside cruises. Unique to the ‘techno trim’, this model sits alongside the existing high-voltage versions like the 220hp Long Range, which boasts an impressive 609 km range.

For those looking to jump into the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon without breaking the bank, Renault rolls out an electrifying deal: the Comfort Range is available at a monthly steal of £429, based on a four-year plan, with a bolt of a 7.9% APR, sweetened further with a £750 (INR 78,899) deposit contribution.

The Scenic E-Tech electric’s allure doesn’t just stop at its price tag. It’s packed with the same sparky features as its 87kWh, 220hp cousin. The smaller battery version doesn’t compromise on power or convenience, offering flexible charging options up to 22kW AC and 130kW DC. Need a quick juice-up? This model zaps from 15-80% in just 32 minutes at a DC rapid charger, giving you about 272 km of range – enough to zip past many rivals.

Guillaume Sicard, the driving force behind Renault UK, commented on this expansion, saying, “Renault is committed to electrifying EV ownership. Introducing the new 60kWh battery Comfort Range was our way of ensuring our latest all-electric SUV reaches a broader audience.”

Despite being the most economical model in the Scenic E-Tech electric family, the new techno 170hp Comfort Range doesn’t skimp on features. It boasts a 12.3-inch digital cockpit, a 12-inch touchscreen infused with Google’s smart tech, wireless smartphone magic, and even heated seats for those chilly mornings.

Safety is also turbocharged with intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane assist technologies, emergency braking systems, and more, making every journey a safe and serene experience.

So, if you’re looking to switch gears to electric without sending your finances into a tailspin, Renault’s latest offering might just be the spark you need!

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