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Nissan Interstar-e Electrifies the Road with Lightning-Fast Charging and Herculean Hauling

Nissan has rolled out its latest marvel, the next generation Nissan Interstar. For the first time, this automotive giant is introducing an all-electric powerhouse, the Interstar-e, alongside its traditional diesel variant, tailored specifically for European customers. This dual offering promises to inject a new level of versatility and efficiency into the commercial vehicle market.

The Interstar-e is a game-changer with its rapid D/C charging capability, boasting an impressive sprint to 157 miles range in a mere 30 minutes. With a towing capacity of 2500kg and a variety of body shapes and sizes, it stands as the ultimate ally for businesses large and small. Meanwhile, the diesel model isn’t left in the dust, offering a choice between a manual gearbox and a nine-speed high torque capacity automatic transmission, along with leading fuel efficiency.

From London’s bustling streets comes the announcement of the Nissan Interstar’s evolution, transforming it into the most advanced vehicle in Nissan’s Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) lineup. This larger, more versatile van can be customized to meet the unique demands of its clientele, marking Nissan’s first foray into the 100% electric large van segment without sacrificing performance.

Designed with a keen eye on efficiency, capability, and customer well-being, the all-new Interstar exudes a truck-like feel with its assertive front grille, standing as a beacon of reliability and strength. It’s more than just a vehicle; it’s a partner for the everyday heroes of the business world, backed by Nissan’s robust warranty.

With factory-built conversions like the Tipper, Dropside, and Box Van, the Interstar is poised to elevate business efficiency to new heights. Whether it’s high cargo volume, long-haul capability, extra passenger space, or heavy-duty towing, the Interstar is ready to tackle the challenge.

The Interstar-e doesn’t skimp on sustainability, offering a top range of over 286 miles thanks to an 87kWh battery, making it perfect for inner-city ventures and compliance with urban eco-policies. With both A/C and D/C charging options, it ensures businesses can keep moving without pause.

Nissan’s commitment to innovation shines through with the next-gen Interstar, combining class-leading aerodynamics for fuel and electricity savings with enhanced load capacity and conversion options. Its design not only provides extra space for cargo but also includes safety and comfort features that set a new standard in the commercial vehicle segment.

As Nissan paves the way towards a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive future, the next generation Interstar stands as a testament to the company’s vision, ready to hit the market in Q4 2024. It’s not just a van; it’s a leap towards a more efficient, electric, and exhilarating future in commercial transportation.

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