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When Art Meets Vroom: Da Vinci’s Influence on Pagani Hypercars Takes Shanghai by Storm

Shanghai, March 4, 2024 – In a fusion of Renaissance brilliance and modern engineering, the Shanghai Museum has rolled out the red carpet for an exhibition that proves once again that Italians do it better – especially when it comes to marrying art with high-speed automobiles. Dubbed “The Shape of Air: From Leonardo da Vinci to Pagani Utopia,” this temporary exhibition, running from March 4th to April 14th, zooms into the heart of how Leonardo’s genius paved the runway for Pagani’s groundbreaking Hypercars.

This vehicular spectacle, courtesy of Pagani Automobili, is more than just a display of sleek lines and roaring engines; it’s a deep dive into the mind of Horacio Pagani and the Renaissance man who fueled his dreams. The exhibition stands as the latest pitstop in the grander art show “Who is Leonardo da Vinci?” that draws parallels between da Vinci’s masterpieces and Chinese art gems from the 10th to the 16th century, alongside Pagani’s engineering marvels.

Horacio Pagani himself will grace the opening, marking a significant moment as the Zonda Cinque – a symbol of automotive perfection – takes center stage. This icon of design and performance embodies the spirit of the exhibition: a harmony of form and function, inspired by da Vinci’s belief that art and science can, and indeed must, walk hand in hand.

Tiziana D’Angelo, the Consul General of Italy in Shanghai, eloquently highlighted the exhibit’s essence: a testament to Italian ingenuity’s enduring allure, driven by a blend of artistic flair and scientific inquiry. This event also ties into the Italian Design Day, celebrating “Manufacturing Value: inclusiveness, innovation, and sustainability.”

The exhibition doesn’t just stop at showcasing the Utopia; it invites visitors on a journey through Pagani’s history, from Horacio’s early days crafting models in Argentina to becoming the maestro behind some of the most coveted wheels on the planet.

Adding depth to the automotive allure, the “Who is Leonardo da Vinci?” section showcases original da Vinci works, including the mesmerizing “La Scapiliata,” and engages in a dialogue with Chinese artistic masterpieces, highlighting a cross-cultural appreciation of art and innovation.

With installations by Studio Azzurro and contributions from international experts, the exhibition is a testament to Leonardo’s timeless influence and Pagani’s contemporary genius. It’s a call to all to explore the intersections of art, science, and imagination, proving that the quest for beauty and innovation knows no bounds.

So, if you’ve ever wondered where the worlds of high art and high horsepower intersect, the Shanghai Museum is the place to be. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the relentless human spirit that drives us to create, innovate, and, occasionally, to just sit back and say, “Wow.”

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