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Omega Seiki Mobility Teams Up with Orbitsys Technologies to Enhance Dealer Management

New Delhi, 13th June 2024: Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has entered into a strategic partnership with Orbitsys Technologies to revolutionize its Dealer Management System (DMS). This collaboration integrates Orbitsys DMS’s advanced software with OSM’s leading electric vehicles, offering dealers a robust suite of tools to enhance performance in sales and service operations. The new cloud-based solution, designed by Orbitsys Technologies, aims to boost efficiency and effectiveness in daily EV dealership activities.

Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility, commented on the partnership and its impact on the rapidly growing DMS market in India: “With over 200 Omega Seiki Mobility dealerships nationwide, we aim to expand our retail presence significantly. To achieve this, we need a high-quality, technology-oriented DMS that enhances our capabilities and services, allowing us to reach more customers. After understanding our dealers’ need for advanced DMS solutions tailored to their specific requirements, we have partnered with Orbitsys Technologies to provide the same.”

Gurbinder Dhillon, Founder of Orbitsys, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Omega Seiki Mobility, introducing our digitally supported and fully integrated Dealer Management System to their network. Omega Seiki is a pioneer in the EV industry, rapidly scaling up to deliver quality products to India and global markets. Together, we are committed to revolutionizing automotive sales and service operations, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Harvinder Pal Singh, Chief Business Officer of Orbitsys, highlighted the significance of this collaboration: “We are impressed by OSM’s vision for their dealership network, and Orbitsys is excited to play a key role in bringing it to life. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our dedication to boosting performance for EV industry dealerships, distributors, and manufacturers.”

Vivek Dhawan, Chief Strategy Officer of Omega Seiki Mobility, emphasized the technological advancements brought by this partnership: “We are entering a new era of mobility driven by technology. Our goal to incorporate more cloud-native technology to enhance client experiences will be achieved with the assistance of Orbitsys Technologies. Their infrastructure offers increased scalability, robust security measures, and cost-saving flexibility, enhancing our digital transformation efforts and our ability to provide innovative mobility experiences.”

The Orbitsys Dealer Management System will support OSM’s pre-sales, sales, and post-sales operations across all electric passenger and commercial vehicle categories. With a proven track record of supporting over 1,700 dealers, the modernization of OSM’s DMS will enable more effective monitoring of sales performance and improved collaboration across its dealer network.

This partnership also offers several benefits, including faster data integration and reporting, allowing the organization to generate more records per second. OSM dealers will access information in seconds, significantly reducing reaction time. Additionally, OSM will be able to scale up its new passenger vehicle range and upcoming 1-ton and 3.5-ton E-Trucks in response to demand while maintaining infrastructure flexibility through Orbitsys’s DMS. This system supports both electric passenger and commercial vehicles, managing capacity and spare parts while serving as a unified platform for customer feedback.

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