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BMW Charges Ahead in Thailand with New Battery Plant for Electric Vehicles

Rayong, Thailand – In a move that sparks both innovation and delightful puns, BMW Group has officially kicked off the construction of its very own Gen-5 high-voltage battery assembly facility in Thailand, promising a jolt to the local economy and a charge towards the future of electric vehicles (EVs). With shovels in hand and electric dreams in their hearts, Milan Nedeljković, a board member for Production, alongside Thai government officials and German ambassador Ernst Reichel, led a groundbreaking ceremony that was anything but groundhog day.

Dubbed the powerhouse of future mobility, this local manufacturing marvel will sprawl over 4,000 square meters in Rayong, setting the stage for the production of BMW’s new electric model set to roll out in the latter half of 2025. “It’s a charged atmosphere as we lay the foundation for not just batteries, but a brighter, electric future,” Nedeljković sparkled with enthusiasm.

The investment of over 1.6 billion baht (around 42 million euros, INR 377 crore) into this project illuminates BMW’s commitment to electrifying its production network. A hefty chunk of this investment, nearly 1.4 billion baht (about 36 million euros, INR 323 crore), is allocated for the most electrifying equipment and systems, ensuring the plant’s spot as a beacon of innovation in Thailand and beyond.

BMW’s Rayong site is no stranger to electrification, having produced high-voltage batteries for locally manufactured plug-in hybrids since 2019. The plant, which also churns out an electrifying array of BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad models, has become a nucleus of automotive excellence in the region.

In addition to electrifying the local automotive landscape, BMW is amping up efforts to empower the local workforce. A comprehensive training program promises to transform local employees into high-voltage heroes, ready to tackle the challenges of the future. This initiative is part of BMW’s broader commitment to driving forward the Thai economy and electrifying ASEAN’s automotive sector.

But BMW’s ambitions don’t stop at manufacturing. In partnership with UNICEF, the automotive giant is also revving up its efforts to fuel the next generation of innovators in Thailand through a targeted STEM education program. This initiative aims to boost career opportunities for young people, ensuring that the future is not only electric but also bright for the next generation of Thais.

As BMW plugs into Thailand’s manufacturing scene, the future looks electric indeed. With a mix of high-voltage manufacturing and high-impact community engagement, BMW is steering the region towards an electrifying future, one battery at a time.

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