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Vintage 1995 Nissan Jonga, Expertly Restored, Hits the Market for Rs. 18 Lakh

In a remarkable offering for vintage car enthusiasts and off-road adventurers alike, a fully restored 1995 Nissan Jonga has been listed for sale at an asking price of Rs. 18 lakh. This Jonga, originally designed by Nissan and used by the Indian Army, represents a unique blend of historical significance and modern off-roading capabilities.

Exceptional Features and Upgrades

  • Registration: The vehicle holds a PB registration, marking its authenticity.
  • Engine: Powering this classic is a Hino 4.0L Turbo Diesel engine, known for its robust performance.
  • Transmission: It features a 4-speed manual Nissan gearbox, offering a smooth and controlled driving experience.
  • Differential and Tires: Upgraded differentials are fitted to accommodate bigger tires, and it comes with 1000/20 sand and highway tires, perfect for diverse terrains.
  • Rims: Custom-built off-road rock crawling rims enhance its capability in challenging landscapes.
  • Off-Road Equipment: The vehicle is equipped with three antennas for navigating sand dunes, a roof rack, side steps, two jerry cans, and front and rear offroad guards with fog lights.
  • Sound System: An Android sound system Inferio with Infinity speakers ensures entertainment on the go.
  • Convenience Features: Power windows, central remote locking, power brakes, and power steering are included for enhanced comfort and convenience.
  • Interior and Exterior Enhancements: The Jonga boasts full sound dampening, checkered sheet flooring, DinoCoat paint in olive green (scratch-resistant), a full stainless steel exhaust, a full underbody coat, LED DRL headlights, marker lights, and a Wrangler side mirror.
  • Climate Control: It’s equipped with air conditioning to ensure comfort in all weather conditions.

A Rich History

The Jonga, an acronym for Jabalpur Ordnance and Guncarriage Assembly, holds a special place in Indian military history. Manufactured by the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur under an exclusive license from Nissan in 1965, these vehicles were a staple in the Indian Army for their reliability and ruggedness.

A Collector’s Dream

This 1995 Nissan Jonga, with its extensive list of features and upgrades, is not just a vehicle; it’s a piece of history melded with modern technology. It’s a rare opportunity for collectors and off-road enthusiasts to own a vehicle that symbolizes strength and versatility, with a story deeply rooted in India’s military past.

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