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DRF Luftrettung Takes Flight with a Fresh Flock of H145s: Ten More Birds to Boost Life-Saving Missions

In a move that’s set to elevate the efficiency of aerial medical rescues, DRF Luftrettung, a titan in German helicopter emergency medical services, alongside Airbus Helicopters, has unveiled an impressive order for up to ten state-of-the-art H145 helicopters. This fleet expansion, comprising seven firm purchases and three optional, signifies a robust commitment to advancing patient care from the skies.

Dr. Krystian Pracz, the head honcho at DRF Luftrettung, expressed the organization’s dedication to enhancing medical assistance for those in dire straits. “By welcoming ten additional H145s into our fleet, we’re not just upgrading our helicopters; we’re upgrading our promise to deliver unparalleled service to our patients during life-or-death missions,” Pracz stated.

Thomas Hein, the European chief at Airbus Helicopters, tipped his hat to DRF Luftrettung’s unyielding faith in their flying machines. “Knowing the critical role our helicopters play in medical emergencies, we’re honored to continue our partnership with DRF Luftrettung. The H145 has proven itself as the workhorse of their fleet, making a tangible difference in life-saving efforts across Germany and Europe,” Hein said.

Under the wing of DRF’s fleet-wide HCare Smart contract, these helicopters will enjoy exhaustive parts-by-the-hour support, ensuring they’re always ready to soar on a moment’s notice. DRF Luftrettung, with its vast experience and extensive fleet of over 50 Airbus H135 and H145 helicopters, stands as one of Europe’s premier air rescue organizations, executing a wide array of missions, from emergency rescues to intensive care transports, across Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

The newly ordered H145s come equipped with a revolutionary five-bladed rotor, boosting the helicopter’s useful load by 150 kg and enhancing flight comfort. This latest iteration not only simplifies maintenance through its bearingless main rotor design but also sets new standards in serviceability and reliability.

With over 1,675 H145 family helicopters already in operation worldwide, accumulating more than 7.6 million flight hours, this fleet addition is a testament to the helicopter’s prowess and DRF Luftrettung’s unwavering commitment to saving lives. Powered by twin Safran Arriel 2E engines and featuring cutting-edge technology like the FADEC and the Helionix digital avionics suite, the H145 stands out for its safety features, low noise levels, and minimal CO2 emissions, truly making it the guardian angel of the skies.

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