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Toyota Vellfire 2024 Review: A Masterpiece of Luxury, Comfort, and Hybrid Efficiency

The Toyota Vellfire, a Japanese luxury minivan, offers an exquisite blend of opulence and performance, making it a standout in its segment. Launched initially in 2008, the version in focus here is the third-generation variant, available as of 2024. This model exclusively comes in a petrol variant, with pricing starting from an ex-showroom cost of INR 1.19 crore for the base model and reaching up to INR 1.29 crore for the top-tier model, the VIP Executive Lounge.

As a 7-seater van, the Vellfire caters to those seeking spaciousness without compromising luxury. It incorporates a self-charging hybrid system, emphasizing Toyota’s commitment to environmentally conscious technology while delivering robust performance. Its design, themed around “forceful impact luxury,” is both commanding and elegant, featuring a dark chrome grille, adaptive LED high beam headlamps with DRLs, and a body coated in rich gloss for added allure.

Built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA-K) platform—shared with models like the Camry, Century SUV, and various Lexus models—the Vellfire offers an exemplary driving experience. Its warranty package is generous, offering 3 years or 1 lakh km standard, extendable up to 5 years or 2.20 lakh km, with an additional 8-year warranty on the hybrid battery.

Design-wise, the Vellfire is a product of Makoto Esuga’s creative vision, featuring a name derived from a combination of “velvet” and “fire,” indicating its blend of smoothness and intensity. This is further evidenced by its exterior details like the chrome door handles, sharp dynamic character lines, and premium features such as the adaptive 3 lens high beam LED headlamps.

The Toyota Vellfire, known by its generation codename AH40, is a marvel of engineering and design that stands out for its impressive dimensions and high-quality features. It stretches 5 meters in length, stands 1.8 meters wide, and reaches a height of 2 meters. With a turning radius of 6 meters, it combines size with agility, supported by a kerb weight of approximately 2200 kg and a gross weight of 2830 kg. Ground clearance is generous at 160 mm, ensuring it navigates over bumps and obstacles with ease.

Enhancing its road presence are the 19-inch dual-tone machine-finished alloy wheels, bright and dark, which are not only a visual treat but also provide sturdy support for the vehicle. These wheels are paired with front and rear disc brakes for reliable stopping power. The tires, 225/55 R19 103H Michelin Primacy SUV+ extra load low-noise variants, are chosen for their ability to deliver a smooth, quiet ride, reflecting the vehicle’s premium status.

Color choices for the Vellfire include black, silver, and white, offering potential owners the flexibility to select a hue that best matches their personal style and preferences. These features collectively make the Vellfire a highly desirable vehicle for those in search of luxury, comfort, and performance in a minivan.

The Toyota Vellfire comes packed with an array of features aimed at delivering unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and handling. At the forefront of its design is the sophisticated suspension setup, comprising a MacPherson Strut system at the front and a Double Wishbone suspension at the rear. This configuration ensures a ride that’s both smooth and responsive, adapting seamlessly to various driving conditions.

Adding to the vehicle’s capability to glide over rough surfaces with ease is the Pitch and Bounce Control system. This technology plays a crucial role in smoothing out the bumps and jolts commonly experienced on uneven roads, thereby enhancing the overall ride quality for all passengers.

In an effort to combine luxury with environmental consciousness, the Vellfire boasts the ability to operate in an electric mode or with the engine turned off for up to 60% of the journey. This feature not only contributes to significant fuel savings but also helps in reducing the vehicle’s carbon footprint, making it a smart choice for the eco-minded driver.

The cabin of the Vellfire is a quiet sanctuary, thanks to the extensive use of sound-absorbing materials. These materials effectively insulate the interior from road and wind noise, creating a tranquil environment that allows for relaxation or conversation without the interference of external sounds.

Lastly, being a front-wheel drive van, the Vellfire offers several benefits, including improved fuel efficiency and optimized interior space. This drivetrain layout enhances the vehicle’s practicality, making it an ideal option for those who prioritize both performance and space efficiency.

Safety is paramount in the Vellfire, equipped with 6 SRS airbags, ABS, EBD, and an array of driver assistance systems ensuring peace of mind. It also offers modern conveniences like a smartphone app for remote access to over 60 features, adding to its luxury credentials.

Interior comfort is unrivaled, with features such as 15-speaker JBL sound system, beige leather upholstery with memory foam, and extra-large captain seats in the second row for ultimate relaxation. Ambient lighting in 14 colors enhances the mood, and the vehicle’s design facilitates a private room experience reminiscent of Japanese Omotenashi hospitality.

The Toyota Vellfire is renowned for its exceptional features that enhance both its luxury appeal and driving experience. Among its notable attributes are the independently operated dual sunroof at the rear, allowing passengers to enjoy natural light and fresh air individually, without affecting the comfort of others. This feature particularly enhances the ambiance of the vehicle’s spacious interior, making every journey feel special.

Entertainment is taken to another level with a 14-inch rear entertainment screen, which supports both remote and HDMI inputs. This large screen ensures passengers are entertained throughout their journey, whether watching movies, playing games, or viewing other multimedia content, making long trips feel shorter and more enjoyable.

The interior aesthetics of the Vellfire are elevated with a dual-tone dashboard that beautifully combines leather finish and wooden inserts. This design choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also creates a warm and inviting cabin environment that passengers will appreciate.

Drivers are treated to an 8-way power adjustable seat with memory function, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience. This feature allows drivers to find their perfect driving position effortlessly and recall it at the touch of a button, making every drive as comfortable as the last.

Steering is made effortless with the inclusion of Electric Power Steering, which provides a responsive and smooth steering experience. This system enhances maneuverability, making the Vellfire easy to handle in tight spaces and during city driving.

The Vellfire’s performance is powered by a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) automatic transmission. This transmission ensures a seamless and efficient drive, offering a smooth acceleration without the noticeable gear changes found in traditional automatics. It enhances fuel efficiency while ensuring the vehicle always operates at the optimal RPM level for the driving condition.

Together, these features underscore the Toyota Vellfire’s commitment to delivering a luxurious, comfortable, and enjoyable driving and riding experience, making it a standout choice for those seeking a premium minivan.

The Toyota Vellfire is equipped with a wealth of features that underline its status as a luxury minivan, merging sophisticated technology with powerful performance. It offers dual zone automatic climate control AC, integrated with nanoeX air purifying technology, ensuring the cabin environment is comfortable and clean, with the air quality meticulously controlled and purified for the well-being of its passengers.

For entertainment and connectivity, the Vellfire features a 14-inch Lexus-style infotainment system. This advanced system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing seamless integration with smartphones. Additionally, it includes navigation, USB connectivity, FM radio, and more, making every journey both enjoyable and convenient.

Drivers benefit from a 12.3-inch full TFT instrument cluster that offers crystal clear display of the vehicle’s vital statistics and driving data. This feature enhances the driving experience by ensuring all necessary information is easily accessible, allowing for a safer and more informed drive.

Under the hood, the Vellfire is powered by a 2487 cc, Inline-4 cylinder, DOHC, Dual VVT-i, Toyota A25A-FXS Dynamic Force petrol engine. This engine is coupled with a Toyota Hybrid System and a 5-Ah nickel-metal hydride battery, delivering a combined power output of 247 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. Notably, it achieves an impressive fuel economy of 19 kmpl, supported by a 60 litre fuel tank, blending power with efficiency in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

This hybrid engine, shared with other Toyota and Lexus models such as the Camry, Avalon, Crown, RAV4, Highlander, Sienna, Alphard, and Lexus ES, NX, RX, and LM, signifies Toyota’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology across its range to enhance performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Each of these features contributes to the Vellfire’s appeal, making it a preferred choice for those seeking luxury, comfort, and sustainability in a minivan.

The Vellfire’s thoughtful design, from the Sharp detachable control device to the multi-function foldable rotary tray and luxurious dual-tone dashboard, reflects a meticulous attention to detail. Its combination of advanced safety features, luxurious interior, and robust performance make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a luxury minivan that does not compromise on comfort or environmental consciousness.

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