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Modi’s Madurai Mission: Revving Up Auto MSMEs with Digital Drive and Support Schemes

PM Modi Turbocharges Tamil Nadu’s Tech Talent, Fuels Future with MSME Empowerment

Madurai, Tamil Nadu: In a move that’s firing on all cylinders for India’s automotive sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rolled into Madurai today, sparking a high-octane boost for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the automotive arena. Under the banner of ‘Creating the Future – Digital Mobility for Automotive MSME Entrepreneurs’, PM Modi didn’t just talk the talk; he launched two game-changing initiatives set to supercharge the Indian automotive industry.

With the wit of a wise mechanic and the precision of a master engineer, Modi interacted with Gandhigram-trained women entrepreneurs and schoolchildren, symbolizing a new era of inclusive growth and innovation. His address wasn’t just a speech; it was akin to a test drive through India’s technological and innovative landscapes, with Tamil Nadu’s roaring automotive sector in the driver’s seat.

“Imagine a laboratory crafting the future – that’s the vibe today,” Modi said, applauding TVS for creating a platform that bridges MSMEs and young aspirants. His words weren’t just exhaust fumes; they were fuel for the fire of ambition and aspiration in the hearts of entrepreneurs.

Highlighting the automobile industry as a major piston in the engine of India’s economy, contributing 7% to the GDP, Modi shifted gears to focus on the MSMEs, the unsung heroes manufacturing thousands of automotive parts daily. “These parts aren’t just made in India; they’re cruising on global roads,” he remarked, steering the conversation towards international opportunities.

In a world where electric vehicles (EVs) are the next frontier, PM Modi urged entrepreneurs to amp up their capabilities, tying this to the government’s green initiatives like the PM Suryaghar Yojana for rooftop solar. “Imagine charging your EV at home and earning from it too,” he mused, painting a picture of a sustainable and self-reliant future.

But it’s not just about the fuel; it’s about the drive. The Prime Minister accelerated discussions on the 26,000 crore rupees PLI scheme, boosting advanced automotive technologies, including hydrogen vehicles. “When we innovate, the world invests,” he proclaimed, urging expansion and exploration.

Acknowledging potholes like digitalization challenges and market fluctuations, Modi advised a strategy shift to turn these into opportunities. He also highlighted government efforts like MSME formalization, eliminating red-tape roadblocks, and the new logistics policy, ensuring smooth rides for small-scale industries.

In a grand finale, PM Modi shifted focus to the government’s scrapping policy, envisioning a fleet of modern vehicles replacing the old. He also spotlighted the unsung heroes of the highways – the drivers, announcing plans for 1,000 new facilities to support them.

With Union Minister of State, Dr. L Murugan, and Chairman of TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd, R Dinesh in attendance, this event wasn’t just a pit stop; it was a launchpad for MSMEs in the automotive sector, revving up for a race towards innovation, sustainability, and global excellence.

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