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Haas to Let Go: Steiner Spills the Beans at Autosport Show, Eyes Chill Time and Family Affairs

In a candid first appearance since his unexpected split from Haas F1 Team, Guenther Steiner, the now-former team principal, opened up at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham. Steiner, who had been at the helm since the team’s 2016 Formula 1 debut, discussed his departure, extended thanks, and mulled over his future plans.

The announcement earlier this week confirmed Steiner’s exit just as the 2024 season looms, with Ayao Komatsu, the Director of Engineering, stepping into his shoes.

Steiner’s Story: Gratitude and Sting of Goodbye

Addressing a supportive crowd, Steiner shared his initial reactions, notably his gratitude towards team members and fans, and the sting of an abrupt farewell. “It’s one of those occasions… Thanks for coming as well, [for me] to say thank you to everybody for the support I got and I’m getting,” he expressed.

The Unwrapped Gift: A Surprise Call from Gene Haas

Delving into the details of his departure, Steiner revealed a post-Christmas call from team owner Gene Haas, marking the end of their collaboration. The decision, according to Haas, was driven by performance concerns, with the team’s recent standings reflecting a need for change.

Steiner’s Reflection: Change and F1 Evolution

Steiner pondered the future of Haas’s F1 model in light of the sport’s evolution, including the introduction of a cost cap and heavy investments by rival teams. “F1 has changed a lot,” he noted, questioning the relevance of the team’s initial model.

Bright Spots: Celebrating Moments of Glory

Despite recent challenges, Steiner reminisced about the team’s highlights, including their impressive debut in 2016 and finishing fifth in the 2018 championship.

What Lies Ahead: A Relaxed Steiner Eyes New Horizons

As for his own future, Steiner remains relaxed, open to opportunities in F1 but not in a rush. He plans to enjoy some downtime, focus on family, and stay connected with the F1 world. “I’m still good, I’ve got plenty of stuff to do, plenty of stuff to clean up at home – just ask my wife!” he joked, underlining his intent to balance professional aspirations with personal life.

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